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Review: Learning Neo4j by Rik Van Bruggen Packtpub

Review: Learning Neo4j-Learning Neo4j available at is one of the interesting books I have come across in recent times.

To my surprise, it has all ingredients for the beginners as well as for practitioner. History of graphs and usage of graph theory are perfect for any beginner. Complete graphical representation deserves thumbs up.

Learning Neo4j

Sequence of explanation is very important. It includes navigational databases, relational databases and finally nosql databases in detail and then describes overall importance of Graph databases.

This background makes reader well equipped to deal with the the main topic of the book and that is neo4j database.

It starts from features, license options and installation on different flavour of operating systems and that is good enough for any beginner to start with.

For practitioners, I felt Use Case Example – Impact Analysis and Simulation and recommendations will be very useful and hence I firmly believe that this books will attract people from different levels.

One of the most interesting part of the book is how it fits with existing tools. It gives reader proper idea on how to use it combining different tools for analytics or data integration.

Small but significant portion of Test questions was an eye catching part with summary section in all the chapters.

Graphical representation and step by step explanation makes it easier to read and understand and that aspect has been taken care of in this book very intelligently.

Though I though more in depth details should have been there but at Learning level, sufficient information is available.


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