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Quick and Secure Online Data Storage with Cloud Computing

Quick and Secure Online Data Storage with Cloud Computing-When it comes to small businesses, there is no doubt that cloud computing is fast becoming the ideal way of storing data. Years ago, businesses of any size used to rely on servers that were kept and maintained in-house, but now, everyone has an opportunity to transfer their files to an online data storage alternative. JustCloud and DropBox are just some of the companies that offer these services to the public.

There are several crucial advantages when it comes to the online data storage options. These include flexibility to access data from any place that has an Internet connection, but also other advantages which are equally important. Here are the top benefits of using cloud computing.


The data that is present on a cloud can be accessed in a way that was never seen before. Using a simple Internet connection, users can get to their data from every corner of the planet. The same data can also be accessed at any time. This factor can be of a paramount importance to a business.


Online data storage companies offer customers a way to sync their data on any device they use. This means that a user can have the same cloud storage service application on their laptop, desktop, mobile phone and tablet, all at the same time. The syncing procedures make sure that this data is up to date on every device.

No server maintenance

Using cloud storage means that a business will not have the need to hire IT staff or employ consultants to maintain their servers. With data being stored on the cloud servers, this money can be directed elsewhere. This online data storage benefit can save any business between 5,000 and 10,000 US dollars annually.

Data is easily moved

Any data that is being kept on a cloud server can be moved or manipulated in a very easy manner. Instead of using physical devices, data on clouds is transferred via the Internet in a safe and secure manner. With online data storage, worries about the loss of data can be brought to a minimum.

Remote workers

With the ability to bring in workers from all over the globe, any business has a lot to gain. Cloud storage offers an exceedingly efficient way of sharing data. With this benefit, even the smallest companies can create the best teams with experts from many different countries.

Security & Recovery

Cyber criminals, especially in recent years, have proven on many occasions that they present a constant and a very serious danger. Stolen data can lead to damages that regularly cost businesses millions upon millions of dollars, so security should be taken very seriously. Cloud computing gives every business an advantage when it comes to security because online data storage companies include entire teams that focus on this issue. But, cloud computing offers the same advantage when it comes to data recovery. In cases like a hardware malfunction, human error or any other accidental loss of files, having the same data on a cloud means that it can be easily recovered.

When these advantages are combined, it is clear that cloud storage can help out any small business by making it more efficient and more profitable.

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., a managed server virtualization and cloud computing service provider company. Whereas the trusted localised and authorised Vmware business partner in Portland, Oregon.


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