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Navigating the Benefits and Risks of Virtual Private Servers

Virtual private servers or VPS have become extremely popular. Just as the performance and functionality of these virtualization technologies increase, it can only be expected that this trend will continue to gain popularity. Organizations are today choosing to host their website or application on a VPS for a number of reasons. It only makes sense for an organization to move from using a lower carbon footprint to a situation where they have the ability to scale both quickly and painlessly. There are a number of benefits of using virtual private servers. Some of the most popular benefits include;

Green technology:

In the past few years, the use of Green hosting as well as the use of other major Eco-friendly technologies has gained a lot of popularity. As a result it has become a responsibility to ensure that the use of carbon footprint is minimized. Virtual Private Servers play a key role in ensuring that this is possible. When you have a dedicated server hosting, then you have all the basic resources of a server. What this means is that you are the only individual that is benefiting from the servers power consumption. This is not usually the case when it comes to a virtual private server; this is because a large dedicated server is usually sliced or rather divided into several different virtual environments. As a result more people are able to share resources of a single physical server.

Cost effective solutions for small websites:

Small websites need cost effective solutions. They are able to achieve this by use of Virtual Private Servers. When a number of websites are established, it is likely that they do not expect much traffic. This makes this factor not much essential for them. However, it may not be the case for someone who may want to establish a bigger website while at the same time being able to scale their hosting resources without downtime or any technical issues.

Scalability is easy in VPS hosting account. This is because the environment is usually hosted in a container. The container is allocated a certain amount of resources which depends on the package that is bought. This container allows one to easily and hastily make allocation of more resources in the event they are needed or at times cut down the resources that are not needed.

Most of the VPS hosting solutions are currently less expensive than they were a few years ago. The advance in virtualization technologies can only mean that the prices can only be expected to decrease. This makes VPS hosting a good choice for all size websites especially for those who are starting a brand new site.

Stability and reliability for basic web hosting needs:

Soon the concept of shared web hosting will become a thing of the past. A number of hosting companies are now over selling their servers as well as piling on thousands of customers on the same web server. What this means is that the reliability of these services will diminish as well as decrease in stability and increase in risk.

Hosting on a shared server impacts directly on your website’s up time and performance, this is caused by other websites using the same server. It’s wise that you put into consideration whether you really want your website to be exposed to those kind risks.

Risks in Virtual Private Servers:

Just like most of other systems, virtual private server is usually associated with a number of risks. Some of the main ones include;

Maintenance challenges. Each website has its own OS as well as other software. This makes it difficult for web host to easily maintain all the operating system as well as ensure maximum up-time and other things like security, maintenance and updates.

Hosting provider doesn’t provide the allocated resources, because most of the time virtual server doesn’t use its full resources.

During unexpected or large traffic, it becomes hard to manage virtual server since resources are usually taken on minimum requirements.

Software failure or break of security can cause a larger issue in the event that it affects one server’s activity to other.

In spite of all the risk associated with Virtual Private Servers, there is no doubt that Virtual Private Servers are beneficial to small and medium websites.

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems Inc.,  a managed data backup and recovery solution company in Portland, OR. Deney is the only localised and authorised  IBM ProcTIER business partner in Pacific Northwest.


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