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How to Assign Permissions to Users in Artifactory

Before creating User, let’s create local repositories specific to Jenkins. How to create repository in Artifactory.

Click on the users and select Permissions to verify permissions assigned to user.

2015-05-30 09_33_57-Artifactory@MS __ Users Management

Go to Security-> Permissions

2015-05-30 09_34_35-Artifactory@MS __ Users Management


Click on New. Provide name and select repositories which we have created specific to Jenkins. to associate permissions with.

2015-05-30 09_36_09-Artifactory@MS __ Permissions Management

Select Repositories.

2015-05-30 09_43_18-Artifactory@MS __ Permissions Management

Click Ok.

2015-05-30 09_43_32-Artifactory@MS __ Permissions Management

Click on specific permission to assign it with User. Select Users Tab. Assign specific rights and click on Save.

2015-05-30 10_00_38-Artifactory@MS __ Permissions Management



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