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Five Strategic Cloud Computing Trends That Will Drive Cloud Strategies through 2015 – 2016

Five Strategic Cloud Computing Trends-The last two years has seen a dramatic increase in the number of individuals and businesses using the cloud. It is now seen as an essential part of any business and has vastly reduced the costs traditionally associated with IT and the in-house software and licensing issues.

The cloud is developing so rapidly that there is a new app or technological incentive is created nearly daily. This can make it incredibly difficult for anyone to keep pace and to decide which products are best suited to their needs. Every business needs to monitor new developments and their potential impact on their business. This knowledge can then be used to shape the business strategy.

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There are five strategically important trends that all business should be studying and incorporating into their business:

Hybrid Clouds

A hybrid cloud solution will allow you to use both public and private cloud services linked to a physical infrastructure. This type of cloud computing will become the best way for businesses to adapt the benefits of a cloud system with the specific needs of the business. Market experts have stated that businesses should be looking to integrate their data infrastructures; physical and cloud data needs to be linked and accessible anywhere. The computing industry will need to put guidelines in place as to how the public clouds operate; this will ensure the best possible integration of your systems.

Cloud Brokerage

Initially, cloud usage was small and there seemed little use for a broker to guide people through the process. Now, there are so many options and potential pitfalls that there is a massive increase in the number of businesses using a cloud broker. A cloud brokerage will liaise with the various cloud services to establish the best possible package for your business. This process will need monitoring and continually upgrading. IT professionals will need to adapt their approach from internal software and hardware specialists to become cloud specialists.


Cloud Based Decisions

The cloud has now shown that it is essential to any business. This is due to the wide variety of features available, without which businesses simply cannot operate competitively.  A cloud based solution is more adaptable and easier to manage than any traditional IT solution. To truly make the most of the cloud a business will need to ensure that company information and decisions can be made via the cloud services you are putting into place. Every employee who needs access to this information will be able to study, input and comment regardless of where they are in the world. It is essential to be happy with the security, integrity and performance of your cloud solution before devising your cloud strategy.

Cloud Applications

Presently many users of the cloud are continuing to utilize their existing software and make the data available via the cloud. This is a good solution and provides excellent access to the information. However, this technique will only use part of the power of the cloud. New applications now need to be designed and will be arriving in the near future. These applications will be optimized for cloud use and will provide a raft of benefits which are currently inaccessible.

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Data Centers

Just as applications need to be optimized for cloud use so do the data centers. Currently most users allow their service provider to handle the data and the implementation details.  This approach has been successful but will need to be revised in the near future. Businesses need to look to build their own data centers and, in doing so, they need to utilize the models already created by cloud computing service providers.

In spite of numerous benefits of cloud computing, some businesses are still skeptic. They’re afraid that someone will break into the system and steal important data. Today’s advanced technology is bulletproof. Antivirus software is more powerful than ever before, which means your information is preserved in perfect safety up in the cloud. Furthermore, only authorized personnel can access the data, which by the way is available on most smart devices. Are you traveling to Fiji and need to stay in touch? Use the cloud and keep tasks updated for employees from a remote location.

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