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Maintaining your cloud database in perfect health

Maintaining your cloud database in perfect health

Clouds have been an issue of discussion for a long time now. There are currently all sorts of clouds. Storing content on the cloud is one of the best ways to get data stored while at the same time freeing the hard drives on your computers for more data to come in. There are basically two types of clouds – public and private clouds. Setting up a private cloud is really difficult, but it is also one of the best ways to get space for storing business data.

The public clouds are in no short supply. All sorts of companies are creating clouds in a bid to ensure that their clients are able to get great service. Some of the companies with public clouds include Microsoft, Google and Apple. There are so many others and each of them has features that they provide for your data. Storing your personal data should not be a problem at all in this day and era. The only problem that you should be grappling with is data management.

Database management

Managing a database can be quite problematic because of the tasks that are involved. The first thing that you need to consider is the security of your data. Public clouds do provide a good amount of security for the stored data. However, there are issues of hacking thus there is data that you might not want to store on these clouds. If your business is dealing with very sensitive personal data, it is best if you have your own private cloud. These ones are harder to hack into.

Secondly, retrieval of data from the database should be effortless. Data that is properly managed is not all that hard to retrieve. Proper data management is very beneficial when it comes to the decision making process. This is why there are remote DBA services. Database administrators will remotely take care of the data in the cloud. In other words, you do not need to create space in your office for someone to assess and monitor your database.

Managing large volumes of data can be quite difficult and this is where DBA services come in to save the day. Huge sets of data pose a problem to the databases. It is the work of the administrator to make sure that the database not only maintains the current data in perfect health, but at the same time takes in fresh data.

What does a DBA do?

You might have already picked up on the tasks that are served by the database administrators.

  1. Monitoring of the database

They are the professionals who will keep track of the activities of the database. They have to make sure that your database isalways functioning at its best.

  1. Repairs

A DBA will do repairs and corrections to the database to return it to its best performance.

  1. Cleanup the database

You do not want a database that has been packed with all sorts of junk data. The database administration experts will cleanup your database for information that is not exactly relevant.



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