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Microsoft Azure Service Bus Integration with Dynamics CRM: Convenient Retrieval of Data

Innovations have kept on taking place, since the technology came into existence. Enterprises today look for the acute computing solutions that are not only effective but at the same time, fast and active too to deal with the everyday challenges for their campaign. This is when analyzing the demands of market, Microsoft; the core software company came up with its innovative product- Azure.


One of the fast computing options, Azure results in the tasks like analytics, networking, storage and web.  Based on the concept of cloud computing, Azure encapsulates powerful features which enable it to perform better whatever may be the type of computing. Apart from these one of the most useful wings of Microsoft Azure is its service bus.  This is the technique which helps to keep your apps connected to the private and public cloud network thereby making the processes easier for you to operate.

A Detailed Look-

This is a cloud service which provides the facility to share the data between decoupled systems. To keep it clear, Azure has created Service Bus as a sort of second message queuing platform that enables Relay and Brokered messaging probabilities. Further, Azure is also highly featured and provides sources so that decoupled systems could exchange the information. Also, it could connect to anything that may include from the facets like applications, systems, services and other devices.

As a format of Platform as a Service (PaaS), Azure’s Service Bus could consist of a workflow of single queue to multiple message workflows. Astoundingly, the service bus could also connect household appliances, sensors and various other devices including tablets and phones.

Now that this version of computing is embroiled with wide range of features, you could also implement Azure service bus for data sharing purpose. And yes, it has that facility.  The service bus has also been designed as software compatible. In fact one, of its features also includes the integration of software with Microsoft’s dynamic CRM when it comes to sharing of data from the system.

What is Microsoft Dynamic CRM ?

Configured with various features and specifications, the dynamic CRM is one of the instances of extreme engineering from Microsoft development. The product has been kept distinct from other CRM systems and specializes in sales, marketing and technical support fields. Further, this is server-client application based on IIS web application also upkeeps the web service interfaces. One of the best parts about Dynamic CRM is that it is well compatible with all major browsers, whether its explorer, Firefox or chrome. Apart from using a browser, the clients could also access Dynamics CRM through the use of thick client plug in to Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, the integration of Dynamics CRM could be done in various ways which could be different for every individual platform.

Integration Of Azure With Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Keeping up with data sharing part, Azure service bus could be conveniently connected with the Dynamics CRM through the process of coupling. The data which is processed as a part of the current CRM process is then posted to the bus through the established connection. Evidently, Microsoft Azure service bus is well suitable to listen to the data transmitted or posted from the dynamics CRM.   Other than that, the integration of Azure and Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a secured platform for transmission of CRM run time data to the cloud based line of business applications.

How Dynamics CRM Is Synchronized With Azure Service Bus:

The connectivity between Dynamics CRM and Azure service bus could be very well configured by programming ACS which helps to recognize the architecture. A typical synchronization of dynamics CRM and service bus appears to be something like-


Further, there are various facets which could be deduced after analyzing the design of the integration. Just take a look:

  • A registered listener is employed on a Microsoft Azure Service bus solution endpoint and listens to the Dynamics CRM remote execution context on the service bus.
  • Any operation performed by the user in Microsoft Dynamics CRM causes it to the execution of the registered Azure aware plug-in. The plug-in in return generates a post through asynchronous service system.
  • The claims posted by Dynamics CRM are authenticated by ACS. Remote execution context to the listener is then relayed by the service bus. The context information is processed by the listener which also performs business associated task with the information. This is followed by the service bus which then notifies the asynchronous service of the successful posts thereby setting the system job to a finished state.

The Required Elements Of Data Integration-

To ensure a successful connectivity, Microsoft Azure service bus and Dynamics CRM would need some of the following requirements.

  • Asynchronous Service- This service attempts the task of posting Microsoft Dynamics CRM remote execution context to the service bus. Each post is performed through the use of asynchronous service. Things apart, the user could also keep him updated for each system job by referring to the web application of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Custom Workflow Activities- These activities are taken into process when the current request of data has to be posted from Dynamics CRM to the Azure data bus.
  • Microsoft Azure Service Bus- The remote execution context between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Azure service bus is relayed by service bus. On the other hand the claims based authentication security is managed by Microsoft Azure Active Directory Access Control Service.
  • Microsoft Azure Solution- A suitable working process between CRM and Azure needs a solution in a Microsoft service bus account which consists of at least one service end points.

To summarize, Microsoft has been in effective customer services since long. It has always come out with acute solutions for the campaigns with user friendly features. The convenient compatibility of Azure service bus to get connected to anything with its integration to dynamic CRM software is one of the proofs in this regard by the software company which helps in managing the records for data and information for the campaigns.

Author Bio:

Chitan Shah is a team leader at Azilen Technologies. He esteems to deliver innovative ideas for smooth and beneficial enterprise application solutions. He is a techy geek and his knowledge cart in includes Microsoft Technologies, Framework, Architectural & Patterns, Database, Scripting and more.



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