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Microsoft Azure-How to create Virtual Machine

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Click on New and select Compute.

Azure-Create New Virtual Machine

From the Compute panel, Select Windows Server 2012 R2

Microsoft Azure-Windows Server 2012 R2

Select Classic Deployment Model which is supported in Traditional Portal as well. It is different from the Resource Manager Model Concept which we will cover in next section.

Provide Host name, User name and Password details along with other configuration details.

2015-11-14 23_22_57-Microsoft Edge

A resource group is a container that keeps all or logically related resources for an application across region. Each resource and Resource Group has one to one relationship. Resoure Group is a very important concept for Role Based Access Control.

Provide Name, User name, Password and Resource Manager details.

MIcrosoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Resource Manager

Select appropriate VM Size.

Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Size

Configure Storage and Network settings for a new VM

Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Storage and Network Settings

Verify all configuration details before spinning up a new VM

Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Summary

Click on Ok. Verify the Progress Details of New VM

Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Deploying Status

Verify Operation details in the Azure Preview Portal and see how many tasks have been completed till that time.

Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Operation Details

Virtual Machine is created successfully in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Created Successfully

Click on VM in Azure Preview Portal and select Connect

Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Connect to VM

It will download RDP file to connect with newly created VM

Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Download RDP File

Open RDP File, and you will be prompted for Connection warning. Select Connect.

Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Remote Connection

Provide Windows credentials given at the time of VM Creation.

Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Username and Password

Select Yes when prompted for Certificate Errors

Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-Certificate Errors


Microsoft Azure-Virtual Machine-RDP of New VM


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