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How Cloud is reshaping Human Resources?

Traditionally, HR personnel ought to strive to get the word out to the entire staff. However, looking at the current cloud wave that is taking businesses by storm, the traditional way of managing HR is heading towards an enthusiastic change.

This is the reason the move to cloud and SaaS based HR software seems inevitable for many organisations particularly for start-ups and small businesses.

Cloud is already living up to its expectations and promises at several businesses empowering the HR departments to become more productive and strategic. Unfortunately, many businesses are still stuck in the ice-age and are unaware about the real potential of cloud based human resource management software.

According to a 2014 research report from Forrester Research, public cloud industry is expected to reach a whopping $191 billion by the year 2020. So cloud certainly makes sense when we talk about human resources.

Here is a succinct elucidation on how cloud technology is reshaping the human resource triggering seismic shifts in the IT arena.

  • The foremost benefit of cloud is access to innovation at warp speed. Unlike on-premise HR solution, a cloud delivery model offers important upgrades and updates automatically on a periodic basis.
  • Perhaps, the greatest benefit of moving HR chores to cloud is ease of access to crucial HR data as and when required. Adopting cloud based HR Software empowers employees to access and update their information saving great deal of time for HR personnel. Most importantly, the self-service portal for employees offered by cloud HR system shuns the hassles of cumbersome paperwork and documentation, which is a staple of basic HR operations. Employees can easily apply for day offs, request for payslips, check leave balances, tax/TDS details, etc. on the go.
  • No more running helter-skelter with customer service, contractors and consultants. Implementation is painless and faster with cloud compared to on-premise. In addition, thanks to the open APIs, several cloud HR systems are designed to integrate and work with other enterprise grade applications making implementation a smooth and non-disruptive process.
  • A KPMC cloud research report that surveyed 500 business leaders found out that 53% of the respondents reported data privacy and data loss risks as the main factors that hindered them from venturing into the cloud. However, contrary to the misconception, your data is completely safe and secure if hosted diligently and properly. This all boils down and depends on the cloud vendor company that you opt for. The secret lies in identifying these threats and risks as well as in finding ways to prevent these. Once a secured solution is in place, sky is the limit when talking about boosting HR operations with a cloud based software.

The explosion of cloud technology has resulted in the birth of several cloud solution providers. This means there is a wide number of choices available for businesses today.

So now that you are aware of how cloud computing can transform the most quintessential area of your business i.e. human resources, it is time that you join the cloud bandwagon and make your HR operations streamlined and efficient.

Anwar Shaikh writes about HRMS and payroll solutions. A self-made and reared-up writer, Anwar writes for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of HR management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses all across India.




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