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Microsoft Azure: Create SQL database

Sign in to the Azure management portal

Click on SQL Databases-> Click on New or Click on Create a New Database

1.Azure SQL Databases

Select Quick Create, Provide Database Name

2.Azure SQL Databases-Quick Create

Select New SQL Database Server in Server field. Select Region and provide user name and password based on Azure requirements->Click on Create SQL Database

3.Azure SQL Databases-Quick Create-New SQL DB Server

Verify and monitor Database creation process

4.Azure SQL Databases-Quick Create

Make sure that Status of Database is online in the azure management portal

5.Azure SQL Database-Management Portal

Open the Server in portal and enable Auditing and Security

6.Azure SQL Database-Management Portal-Auditing and Security

Verify Dashboard for Server created to host SQL Database

6.Azure SQL Database-Management Portal-Dashboard

Verify Databases section on the server. It will provide information on newly created database.

6.Azure SQL Database-Management Portal-Databases

We have a database ready in the Azure portal.


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