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Overview of Microsoft Azure Virtual Network

Traditional On-Premise Network has different component such as Router, Firewall, DMZ zone, DNS Server, Web Farm, External and Internal Load balancers, Active Directory Domain Controller servers, database servers, and application servers etc.

An Azure virtual network is a virtual representation of network in the MIcrosoft Azure cloud.

1.1Microsoft Azure Virtual Network

Following things can be configured in the Azure virtual network:

  • IP address blocks
  • DNS settings
  • Security policies
  • Route tables
  • Subnets
  • Connectivity with on-premises network (Site to site, Point to Site, ExpressRoute)

How to create Virtual Network?

Go to

Click on New-> Networking-> Virtual network-> Select Deployment Model (Classic or Resource Manager)

1.Microsoft Azure Preview Portal-Virtual Network

Provide Name, Address Space, Resource Group Name-> Click on Create

2.Microsoft Azure Preview Portal-Virtual Network-Address Space

It will initialize virtual network deployment and we can see one block on Azure dashboard for “Creating Virtual Network”

3.Microsoft Azure Preview Portal-Virtual Network-Create Network

Once the network is successfully created, we will get all details about it and we can manage it from Azure dashboard.

4.Microsoft Azure Preview Portal-Virtual Network-Network created successfully

Go to Browse button and select Virtual networks (classic)

5.1.Microsoft Azure Preview Portal-Virtual Network-Classic Virtual Networks

Virtual networks (classic) provide details about all classic deployments of networks.

5.Microsoft Azure Preview Portal-Virtual Network-Classic Virtual Networks




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