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Microsoft Azure-How to deploy a Virtual Machine in Virtual Network

To deploy a virtual machine within a Virtual Network, Click on New->Click on Compute-> Select any image to create a Vm such as Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 -> Select a Deployment Model (Classic or Resource Manager)

Provide unique Name, User name, Password and location details and click ok.

10.Create Virtual Machine

Select Virtual machine size based on preference or requirement. We have selected here DS1.

11.Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine-Size

In settings, provide details on Virtual Network and Subnets available in selected Virtual Network-> Click Ok.

11.Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine-Assign Virtual Network

Verify Summery details where we can see Virtual Network and subnets related information. Click Ok.

13.Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine-Summery

It will take some time to deploy a Virtual machine. Once it is created. Verify IP address of a virtual machine.

14.Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine-Deployment

The difference here will be the allocated IP address. If a VM is allocated outside virtual network then it will have a random IP address. If we deploy a virtual machine in a virtual network then we will see IP address from the range assigned to Subnet of an assigned virtual network

14.Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine-IP Address Details



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