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Microsoft Azure-How to create Web App

Microsoft Azure provides WebApps services to host any website without configuring a virtual machine. It is a Platform as a Service offering from Microsoft.

Supported Web Applications are:

  • Custom web application from Visual Studio
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Umbraco

Supported Technologies:

  • NET
  • Java
  • js
  • PHP
  • Python

How to deploy Web application into Microsoft Azure Web Apps:

  • Deploy a website to Azure directly from their chosen IDE, such as Visual Studio
  • Script deployment processes using MSBuild command line tool
  • On premises source control systems such as TFS, Git etc.
  • Cloud based source control systems such as Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) in Visual Studio Online (VSO)

To create a new Web App in the Azure Portal
Click NEW in the toolbar on the left and then click Web+Mobile and click on Web App.

MIcrosoft Azure Web App
In the App Service Name text box, type a unique name
Select valid Subscription
Select appropriate Resource Group
Create or Select Microsoft Azure-App Service plan based on preference
Click Create. Azure creates the new Microsoft Web App

2016-01-03 00_39_30-New notification

Verify pinned deployment on the Azure Portal

2016-01-03 00_39_47-New notification

Click on the alert icon to verify the Deployment status

2016-01-03 00_40_13-New notification

Click on the Event to see more details on Microsoft Azure Web App Deployment

2016-01-03 00_40_32-New notification

Once deployment is successful, verify resource group components

2016-01-03 00_56_25-New notification


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