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Ways in which cloud could change our business and personal lives

Everyone can agree that the world we live in is technology-based, and while there are a lot of technologies that would make everything a lot duller if they were to suddenly disappear overnight, there’s one specific piece of tech that’s simply indispensable, and would leave everything in chaos if it was to dissipate – the cloud. Cloud technology is the backbone to pretty much everything that’s technology-driven nowadays, and by the looks of it, it’s only going to become more popular moving forward. Even though the base concept for the cloud was contoured in the 70s, and businesses started using and perfecting it right away, its real potential only became apparent around 2010, when companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle joined in the cloud bandwagon. The cloud has since matured, and changed the way we do pretty much everything, with no signs of stopping. Here’s how the cloud changed our live so far, and ways in which cloud could change our business and personal lives even further.

Usability and Innovation

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Usability was one of the most predominant features of the cloud right from day one. In a period when computers were massive and slow, their resources were more valuable than ever, so people needed to make the most out of what they had end ensure that maximum efficiency is obtained. This is how the idea of intelligent resource management surfaced, a concept that still dominates the cloud we know and use today. The main idea behind the cloud still is to provide a clever way to resources, whether we’re talking about file storage or computational power.

Today’s cloud provides us with easy access to all our files, whereas businesses can take advantage of the cloud to instantly gain access to the IT resources and infrastructure needed to support a time-sensitive opportunity or to encourage innovation by removing limitations. Businesses can now host their entire infrastructure in the cloud, thus cutting down costs and improving efficiency.

Tomorrow’s cloud will provide that, and a whole lot more, leaving you with only one barrier: your imagination.



Having one place to keep all files that’s secure and easily-accessible from anywheremeant that people no longer needed to go to an office in order to have access to their business data; That doesn’t mean that everybody suddenly moved to a sunny beach and is now working from a sunbed and sipping cocktails all day, but it did allow a lot of people to seize the opportunity and work from home or do their job while travelling. Tasks can be started from a computer in the office, continued from a laptop at home, and even checked and updated on the go from a smartphone – all thanks to the cloud.

The cloud also gave birth to a phenomenon that had a great impact on the global economy – outsourcing. Tasks that were dependent on a certain infrastructure and required access to certain files were suddenly accessible to teams located halfway around the world, thanks to the cloud.

As the cloud evolves even more, outsourcing is expected to become even more popular, allowing for even better resource management, and creating more work opportunities.


Social Media
Social Media

In a weird paradox, the cloud is the element that thinned the line between our personal and professional lives, keeping us hooked in the realms of virtual space for countless hours at a time, yet it’s also the element that allows us to keep in touch with each other and socialize at an unimagined level. We have Facebook to see what our friends are up to and chat with them, we have Instagram for sharing moments of our lives, we have Skype for video-calling people that are far away, and the list can keep on going. There are times when we might not be able to meet with someone in person, and the cloud offers us the next best thing.

Moving forward, movies already gave us some pretty good ideas on what the ultimate level of long-distance interaction will be like – holograms, and take a wild guess what technology will make that possible.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a very ambitious on-going project that will make the ultimate use of the cloud. Since everything is smart and connected nowadays, such as coffee machines that are controllable from our smartphones via an app or cars that can be summoned to get out of the garage on their own, the ultimate goal became having everything connected to each other. To put it simple, the Internet of Things is aimed to become exactly what the Internet represents for us – a means to get connected, but for machines.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Having everything connected will simplify every aspect of our lives, from getting the morning coffee (which will be made exactly when you wake up, thanks to your espresso machine receiving the signal that you’re up from your smartwatch), to the daily commute (which will most likely be done via driverless cars that make use of the cloud to exchange traffic and mapping data), to the way you do your work – everything will simplify and improve once the Internet of Things evolves enough. The key to having this happen? Keeping the cloud up and running, of course.

By Daniel Lewis and!


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