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Where Websites Live Biggest data centers in the world

According to Internet research company Netcraft, as of last spring there were around 177 million active websites and the total number of websites worldwide is expected to reach 1 billion sometime this year. That is a lot of data to store. Businesses both large and small are migrating to the cloud and in doing so, they are creating tons of data for their web hosts to manage. Instead of buying, setting up, and managing their own servers to house their websites, many large companies are beginning to take advantage of third party web hosting services, which is resulting in a huge upsurge in the number — and size — of data centers being built, worldwide.

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Why are they so big? These days, data centers are being created with campuses of buildings because these centers have to hold more than their fair share of servers which also includes a massive and complex network of cooling systems to be sure the machines and their data stay safely where they are. And with more and more companies with brand new websites, these centers absolutely have to have enough space — and power — to house it all!

The largest data centers are not only expensive to build and maintain, but they can draw enough energy to power a mid-sized city. So when building them, engineers must also take into consideration where the power will come from. In fact, more and more data center developers are attempting to explore some ways to use green energy to power their facilities, not only to reduce impact on the environment, but to lower the cost of running them.

In the map below, we have pinpointed the world’s largest data centers, responsible for holding the globe’s websites and all of the information they provide. As you can see, these centers have square footage that numbers in the millions. In fact, data centers of this magnitude are being built so quickly that by the time you read this, many more new centers will have popped up and possibly replaced those we’ve put on the map!

There aren’t many people that think about where their websites live, although, as we can now see, we probably should. If your website is your whole livelihood, like it is for millions of people around the world, it is more important than ever to be able to identify a reliable website host.

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