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The Influence of Cloud Computing on Digital Marketing

When it first appeared, cloud technology was met with a lot of skepticism. Very soon, however, it proved everyone wrong and became one of the pillars of modern digital marketing. It has completely revolutionized the way in which digital marketers reach and engage their target demographic, as well as changed the approach to the storage and the distribution of critical data. Here are some ways in which cloud computing influences digital marketing on a daily basis.

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Digital Content is Migrating to the Cloud

The first thing you need to have in mind is that digital content is quickly migrating to the cloud. At least the forecasts published by leading forecasters believe it to be so. According to them, in 2015, only 7 percent of it was stored in this way.

Still, it is estimated that this percentage could rise up to one third of all content by the end of 2016. This growth would mean the increase of almost five times more in just one year. Financially speaking, global market for cloud computing was almost $41 billion in 2011 and, today, some predict that it will amount to $241 billion in 2020. This is the increase of roughly $200 billion in only 9 years.

Real-Time Analytics

The world of marketing is all about acting based on valid information. The more reliable they are, the better. Because of this, one of the main reasons why cloud is so beneficial for digital marketers is that it provides them with real-time analytics.

By reporting every step of the way, it gives marketers a better insight on their clients’ needs and habits, as well as provides them with data to base their decisions on. Furthermore, the very fact that these analytics take place in real-time can make it all the more practical.

Major Players Are Already There

In the era of information, we often get contrasting facts about one and the same topic. The only valid course of action in this situation is to try and emulate top-dogs in the industry. With this in mind, some of the most renowned brands in various lines of work have already migrated to cloud. For example, SEPCO turned to HubSpot and entrusted them with all of their company’s marketing.

Whistler BlackComb from Vancouver did the similar thing with HootSuite Dashboard. Finally, Whole Foods (one of the Pinterest’s giants) depends heavily on their marketing director’s use of cloud technology. Michael Bepko himself stated that he works from wherever he is when the inspiration strikes. This is why it might be a good idea for some smaller companies that still haven’t gotten the right hosting to get it now.

Practical Advantages

The incredible boost in cloud’s popularity is based on the three major advantages it brings. The first thing is that it offers a multi-level device support. In an era where mobile devices are rapidly becoming predominant, this is a no small thing. Second, it offers better security (despite the popular belief). The third and probably most important reason is that going for cloud is an extremely cost-efficient decision.

Some Concerns

In the end, not everything is milk and honey with cloud computing either. Deciding to go with another vendor, you are basically outsourcing your entire customer experience. This means that, if there is any error or even the tiniest glitch in the system, every single client on the network is going to get affected. Still, when all the pros and cons are weighed, this seems like the risk worth taking.


Social Darwinism or the survival of the fittest is unfortunately the dark reality of the world of digital marketing. Those who are able to adapt to the latest industry trends thrive, while those unable to embrace the change usually end up bringing their business to ruin. Today, we are talking about cloud computing, tomorrow who knows. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and those who can keep up are the only ones who have something to look forward to.


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