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Cloud Technology in HR

The importance of having a well-functioning HR department for a company cannot be stressed out enough. In normal circumstances, they are the ones in charge of recruitment, training and performance appraisals. The present day technology can make this even more efficient and make it possible for one or two-member HR teams to do the job of an entire department. One of the innovations that helps make this happen is the symbiosis of cloud technology and HR of the 21st century.

Cloud in HR
Cloud in HR

Easier Recruitment

One of the hardest tasks traditional HR has is going through thousands of pages of candidate-related data. Sure, at the beginning, while everyone is fresh and rested, this can go well, but after several hours, days and even weeks, things start to get mixed up and the hazard of error becomes greater.

Furthermore, if you need several days to review all the applications, your criterion on the first, the second and the last day won’t be the same. It all comes down to your current mood and disposition. On the other hand, various cloud apps can help make it easier to make an unbiased decision, based on presented data. This makes recruitment both easier and more objective.

Lower Costs

Another reason why cloud technology is so popular with modern HR is because it is much more affordable. As we already mentioned, cloud technology allows a smaller team to do the job of a bigger one. This means that you have a fewer people to give the paycheck to every month, that you don’t have to lease a bigger office and that you have less workstations to purchase.

This is something that having a high quality HR software gives you, for example, and moving to the cloud means you are taking your business a step further. Mainly, it helps you deal easier with maintenance. Finally, most cloud solutions allow you not to pay for the entire deal, but only to pay for what you use. These so-called subscription models can be genuine budget-savers.

Up to Date Rules of Engagement

The landscape of the modern business world changes by the hour. For example, in just over a decade, millennials will be almost three quarters of the entire workforce. Still, this tech-savvy generation is not engaged in the same way their predecessors were. This is yet another reason why an employer that plans for the future needs to consider resorting to cloud-reliant HR.

Allowing your employees to access and share data files in a cloud environment will facilitate collaboration and make the use of social media for these purposes seem more organic. In other words, it is your goal to create a work-friendly, employee-centric society and, in this way, both empower and engage your staff members.

Simplification is the Key

Finally, the most important reason why cloud technology is causing such turmoil in the world of HR is because it makes everything simpler. User experience is much easier and now, instead of training your new HR members to use various software and tools, you give them a much beginner-friendly learning curve.

It gives you an easier way to recruit all over the world, since you HR team and your new employees don’t have to be geographically related. This means that you can easily expand internationally if the need arises. One last thing, it is much simpler and quicker to update your software in compliance with the latest security and regulations. Those who work in HR know just how helpful this can be.


A lot of businesses fear change and this is completely natural. Good or bad, out present state is something we get accustomed to, but the change brings something unknown. Of course, switching your entire HR department to cloud means a lot of work, but once this is all set and done, everyone’s job gets much easier.

One thing you can be sure of- the business world goes forward with or without you. No matter what you decide to do, soon, all your competitors will switch their HRs to cloud and, if you fail to do so in time, you risk being left behind. Needless to say, this is not something you can allow to happen.


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