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Essential Guide on Cloud Storages for a Student

Each of us had been in the situation when we needed to upload some files to the Internet and pass them over to somebody, so you are probably familiar with cloud storage services that are popular nowadays. Maybe you even have used some of them like Google Drive or Mega.

Essential Guide on Cloud Storages for a Student

How Can a Cloud Storage Help You?

If you are thinking about how to backup the data on your portative device or computer, or just need to store some files, cloud storages can be quite helpful and convenient. While you are in the process of writing a thesis, you probably would not like to lose the results of your hard and diligent work because of some problems with your computer. In such case, it is more than reasonable to host all your files online.

Students have a lot of home assignments and their completion mostly requires using different materials, which can actually take much space on your gadget. Therefore, another reason to consider storing data on the Net is the fact that your tablet or smartphone may provide you with an insufficient amount of internal memory to store your photos, videos, text documents, etc.

How to Select a Suitable Cloud Storage Service?

Being an essential tool, cloud storages have become so commonly used just like some of the most helpful gadgets for students. Owing to their popularity, there is a great variety of services and apps to choose from. Yet, you should keep in mind several nuances when you decide on a platform that will be the most convenient for you. You can compare them using the following criteria and choose the best option:

  • Free storage space;
  • Price per month;
  • Possibility of file sharing;
  • Devices or systems it is compatible with.

Some of the most popular storages do not provide free cloud space at all. Others, on the contrary, provide you with 20-50 gigabytes free of charge. To use more space of the storage, you will be requested to pay a fee to the site, which is a fixed amount of money for a month, so you should probably consider both how much space you are going to get and how much would it cost to you.

It is also required to check, what operating systems the storage works with. In case you want to have unlimited access to your information from tablet or smartphone, find out whether the service is available for mobile access or has a separate app for mobile devices. If you often use not only your laptop but also a computer in your college library, you should find out in what way you can sync and back up the files from that computer.

In case you care about the privacy of your files, you have to look for storages that have privacy policies. This will ensure your safety and protection since they will not have possibility to review your files or pass them to any third parties.

Only few services combine all the beneficial features mentioned above. It gives you the need to pay much attention to those issues that are the most important for you. Of course, you may probably want to consider not only the functionality and usability but also the interface that will be convenient for you. You can always look at the lists of the most often used and popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive and think on choosing one of them.

Final Thoughts

So, how useful can a cloud storage be for you? It broadens the possibilities of your mobile device or tablet and provides you with instant access to your files without storing them on the device itself. Your data is safe. Best thing is that there is no risk of losing data because of a hard disk crash. Besides, if there is no necessity to upload hundreds of files, it will make no problem for you to utilize service for free.

So, now you know that if your computer breaks down while you were working on a research project, you may not only address one of the “write my paper for me” services for ordering a new paper but also use the backup copy from your cloud space. You will definitely find it very convenient to use.


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