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The Cloud, the CRM and Your Company! Make the Most of It

An entrepreneur begins its journey with the foundation if its firm, wherein he plans and strategizes all the processes to optimize the overall outcome. Having mastered the production management, the next step comes in as managing customer resources, which can be simply accomplished by any CRM software services. However, prior to cloud technologies, CRM services were a major blow to a firm’s finances, thus, making it “the sour grape” for many SMEs.


Nevertheless, the inception of cloud technologies& CRM software service, not only the customer management enhanced, but also it turned it to a healthy diet for a firms finances as well giving out features such as:

  • Easy instalment: Cloud servers are quick to install, without affecting any of your processes and allowing you to begin managing your CRM from the day one.
  • Low expenditure: Cloud CRM are not dependent upon on premise servers, thus cutting down substantially on the financial investments and covering up the implementation process with agility.
  • Swift scalability: cloud servers are gigantic storages, thus allowing you to scale up and down as per your needs easily.
  • 24×7 data access: Cloud CRM can provide you with data anywhere and anytime, as per your needs.

Making it the game changing technology for businesses of all statures.

However, as they say, technology is an ever growing process, and thus how can you keep up with its pace and make the most of it? How about we guiding you through it:

  • Integrate: the world is yet to see a completely self- reliant and smart CRM software solutions and it is all about the wit of the user who can pull out the full potential of these software solutions by smartly integrating them with third party application and tools. Integrating with smart tools such as smart lenses, face recognition, auto mailers, etc. can ease up the CRM processes and provide you with the leading edge over the market.
  • Staymobile: the cloud technologies can store large amount of data on its servers and make them available as and when needed. Thus, free yourself from the typical desktop-based workstation and go mobile with all your necessary data in the palm of your hands as you manage other crucial tasks simultaneously; Multi-tasking at its best!
  • Go Social: When it comes to CRM, connection is all that matters, the better you connect with your customers, the better will be your customer retention and conversion rates. And social CRM is unrivalled for an effective connection with your customers, as it assists you to follow customer’s intent and provide a relevant approach seamlessly. Social CRM can further track your brand mentions, notify about the same and help you manage your online reputation.

  • Track and analyse: knowledge beats all, and that is how big data can assist you top the sales chart easily. Big data are the data collected over period and can be used to analyse the market needs, forecast sales, and develop sales pipeline. An efficient CRM software service such as Sage CRM can easily records all these data, segregate and generate precise reports to help you plan your productions and marketing campaigns.
  • IOT and SCM: Internet of thing (IOT) is a technology that lets you link all your day-to-day things with internet, allowing you to track and control them better. Now, IOT can:
    • Assure all supply chain are carried along securely and on time
    • Control self-driven drones and cars
    • Collect data much quickly

Thus, helping you manage your CRM easily.

To conclude with,the agility and reliability of cloud technologies, proficiency and wit of the CRM software and the pace of your industry working in a unison can boost up your success charts. Thus bringing us to question, with the cloud, the CRM and your company, can you make the most of it?

Abhishek Sharma writes on cloud computing, SMAC, CRM and ERP technologies. Abhishek is a wannabe cloud evangelist with a great penchant for digital marketing. He writes for Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,a leading provider of budget and user-friendly CRM software solutions for small and mid-sized businesses in India.


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