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10 Reasons to Migrate to Office 365

Are you tired dealing with email server, virtual private network, firewalls, spam filters, storage backups and data security every single month? You can’t focus on core business and growth productivity while constantly looking for someone to manage your email server and data security? You know what, you are not alone. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs have the same problem.

Luckily, there is a solution. Move your business to cloud! How? Migrate to Office 365 and forget all headache mentioned above. Read about 10 key reasons why you should start using Microsoft Office 365 today.

  1. Uptime 365 days a year

Do you know why Microsoft gave this cloud office solution name 365? Because their cloud servers have uptime 365 days a year. Forget about in-house server downtimes – your email account is up and running 24/7 without limitations.

  1. Multiple Backup

No sudden loss of data anymore. Stay relaxed since Microsoft has multiple backup servers around the world working for you.

  1. Most Advanced Security So Far

Don’t waste money on firewalls and spam filters. New 15 billion dollars Microsoft Assure servers are responsible to protect your business data 24x7x365. There is no in-house solution that can be more secure, trust us. You will have your own dedicated team of security experts.

  1. Speed

Speed is second name for Microsoft Azure server. There is no difference in speed working in cloud or offline. Office 365 proven to be best solution working with slow networks.

  1. Access From Anywhere

You can securely connect to your email or other office apps from anywhere – office, home or smart phone. Forget about VPN and other fancy terms. From now on you are the one who’s choosing security policy.

  1. Low Cost

Price will depend on your Office 365 business package. You can have premium package as low as $11.25 per month and enjoy full list of apps. Remember, there is no maintenance at all. How much you pay your IT guy for monthly server maintenance?

  1. More Business Apps

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype for business and other software can dramatically increase your productivity. Store your data directly from your smart phone or tablet (Android, Mac or Windows) in OneDrive or speak for free and share files within your team for FREE using Skype for business.

  1. Mobile – Work on the Go

All apps from above are available at Google Play store and Apple Store. Download them for free, sign in using your Office 365 Business account and work on the go. Make presentations, documents or create tables while in subway, taxi or coffee shop.

  1. Free For Non-profits

If you run nonprofit or charity organization you are eligible for FREE version of Office 365 Essential.

  1. Reason 10 is for 10% off.

Migrate to Office 365 today for FREE and save 10% on your subscription. Contact Secure Networks ITC -computer consulting company from San Diego, California and boost your startup or small business IT today!


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