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Why Do You Need Cloud Computing For Your Business?

In the present technological world, three things are shaping up the businesses in a big way. These three buzz words are “Cloud Computing”, “Artificial Intelligence”, and “Big Data” that have changed the way businesses used to operate. Among them, cloud computing is increasingly embraced by bigger IT and software giants due to its multipurpose use. The growth of cloud computing is surging ahead by leaps and bounds in the year 2016. Here are the certain important key insights as per the research that was done by the companies like IDC, Gartner, Microsoft, and other such consultancies regarding cloud computing for the year 2016.


  • Morgan Stanley sees the growth of Microsoft based products pegged at 30% revenue by the year 2018.
  • An estimate brings the spending on public cloud Infrastructure as a hardware and software services to be around $38 billion in 2016. This number will be expanded to $173 billion by the year 2026.
  • The worldwide public IT cloud service revenue is expected to be around $127 billion in the year 2018.
  • According to an estimate by TBR, the worldwide public cloud revenue will increase from $80 billion in the year 2015 to $167 billion in the year 2020.

With the above statistical data, it is clear that the rise of cloud computing is definitely a big news in the global business scenario. Here are some of the reasons that will explain you the importance of cloud computing for your business.

Flexibility- If you are having a business whose bandwidth requirements are constantly changing, it will be ideal to migrate towards cloud-based services. This is because cloud computing services can be enhanced or scaled down through remote cloud servers. With this type of flexibility in performance, cloud computing is the real future business solution. It can offer you added advantage over an affordable and reputed web development and eCommerce services provider company.

Data Security-

In the interconnected web world of today, maintaining data security and privacy is the foremost concern for any micro, small, medium and big enterprises. A compromised or lost data is a bone of contention for corporates as it can be misused, traded with competitors or can be forged with incorrect facts. Due to this, the protection of data becomes of paramount importance. With the presence of cloud computing facilities, it is now much easier to manage, move, protect and share information in a global environment. Cloud computing facilities ensure that the data is well protected at the source of origin itself. Apart from this, the facility offers an effective cloud-based backup and recovery solutions for robust data protection.

 Cost effective business management- Businesses who are too concerned about the high cost of business maintenance and expenditure, need to go for cloud computing services. They can reduce the high hardware related cost to a great extent. Users just have to pay and avail the services of a subscription-based cloud computing company for their business needs. Furthermore, the setup, installation, and maintenance of a cloud-based infrastructure are a child’s play and within the pocket of a customer.

Business collaboration-


With the support of an effective cloud computing services, it is easier to access, edit and share documents from anywhere, anytime and across multiple devices. The cloud-based infrastructure offers 24/7 remote access to your business project to multiple team members. The presence of cloud-based workflow and file sharing apps makes it much easier to perform updates in the real time environment and provides full visibility about their collaborations.

 Faster performance- Speed is one of the important consideration for the effective performance of any business. Around 52% of the leading businesses are moving towards the cloud-based services for better innovation in product and services. Cloud computing allows smaller businesses to perform faster when compared to bigger business enterprises. The affordable subscription-based cloud services have ensured that small business organizations can very well compete with the respective titans in a particular business segment.

 Better customer engagement-


For any small,medium and big business enterprises irrespective of their business segment, customers are the foremost priority. With changing business strategies, corporate houses are more involving in optimizing their customer user experience instead of making improvements in the back-office systems. Cloud computing services are one of the factors that can help in forging a better relationship with your targeted customers.


Final tips

It is time to keep in sync with the latest business trends and strategies to keep your business ahead from the rivals. Cloud computing is one such trend that is quickly becoming popular among numerous businesses around the world. So, don’t stand on the sidelines only but take the important decision by introducing the cloud services for your business. Remember it is the beginning of a new dawn for your business entity.

 Description- Do you still need reasons to adopt cloud computing for your business? Check out the important tips that can help you in taking the right decision.                                                                                       


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