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Why a mid scale business should invest in cloud infrastructure?

Are you still using the shared hosting of any sort for your business website? This article will answer many of your queries why you should invest in cloud infrastructure.

Let me give you an example to make the cloud infrastructure thing more clear. We all familiar with car buying process, right? What we can customize is the color and interiors of our choice.

What if a car company make you customize the engine type, the power, colors, metallic grills, tyres, seats, leather color of setas, everything related to interior? This might be a dream come true for all of us right?
It is also available at:

Well, that’s what a cloud web infrastructure is like. You can literally choose anything and everything you need and you may probably need. Additionally, you will be able to scale the server hardware resources as and when required. Sadly that may not be the case with cars 🙂

You may have a question that you already have a shared or in some cases a managed or dedicated hosting why you want to go for a cloud infrastructure? Well, this article will try to address your why question!

As the web/internet is becoming an integral part of our daily life. The affordability and availability factors have made the internet widely available. It has fundamentally changed the way businesses work in recent years.

If we consider a decade back business scenario, there was nothing like an ecommerce system. Doing business online or over the web was like a dream thing! It has became the thriving trillion dollar economy in recent years. Truly changed the way we do business.

No matter what size of business you are, you must have a branded email, your company website, CRM tool, centrally hosted important documents like product price lists, product catalog, and other marketing materials that makes them anywhere available.

How about keeping everything under one central place? In other better and more organized place? A central server optimized by you and for your own business case keeping everything under one roof!

That is the cloud infrastructure I’m talking about. If you think it must be pricy and thinking of leaving this article, please don’t. I will make everything clear.

I would like to discuss the seven points which explains the advantages of having a cloud infrastructure for your business. Let’s start:

Growing user base:

Consider a case where you either have an e commerce or consumer centric website. You made extreme efforts to bring quality traffic to your website.

You succeeded in the process and got ton of traffic. Earlier when you created your website, you got somewhere around 1k visitors a month. Shared or any entry level hosting was good enough for that case.

But now you got around 100k to 1m visitors a month. How would you address the increased traffic? Your shard or entry level hosting is not capable of bearing these much load!

Generally, in such cases when you start getting extensive amount of traffic. You will receive a notice from your hosting provider saying, consider upgrading your plan as your hardware resource utilization has increased.

They might want you to convert to their managed or VPS based plans. Being a developer I would recommend going cloud path.

What if you don’t upgrade?

You may be wondering, what if we ignore the high resource utilization notice from the hosting provider?

Well, they will put your processing request into the lower priority and this will lead to a slower responsive website. It soon becomes a website which users and search engines don’t generally love.

Cost Effective:

Cloud web infrastructure are cost effective in a long run. You may have CRM hosted on some other place, website hosted on different hosting, email service is hosted on other server, and central file hosting is going on other hosting.

If you count the total amount you spend on various internet hosting and other services it may cross the cloud infrastructure pricing. Straightly comparing shared hosting and cloud hosting would not make any sense.

If you are an ecommerce or SAAS based startup where web is the only sales channel. I would recommend you go with cloud hosting from day one.

If you are a business with strong offline presence and an established sales channel, you should consider bringing all your different web hosting under one scalable cloud infrastructure.

Amazon is offering a year of free cloud infrastructure for testing. A good start if you are uncertain about your use case or cloud infrastructure altogether. If you are ready to spend $5 a month DigitalOcean would be the best choice to start your cloud journey.

Better and Scalable Resources:

With cloud infrastructure you are not limiting your website or web application with fix type of infrastructure.

In majority of the cases, the cloud infrastructures are scalable, meaning it will add an extra resources (like memory and computational power) when required.

It wouldn’t make your website or web app perform slow in case of extreme inclined in the traffic. The cloud infrastructure shines when shared hosting starts showing its limits.

You can increase the hardware resources like memory, disk space, bandwidth, and computational power on the go.

Many of the cloud hosting provider offers SSD(Solid State Drives) for your storage. SSDs make things fly. It offers the insane hard disk read and write speed.

When you have everything tuned up from the server processing power, memory, and disk drive. It makes things moving fast, real fast.

We might not get into more technical details like load balancers and CDN resources that you can set up along with your cloud infrastructure to make thing really fly! This may be an article in itself. Hope to cover it in my next article. Stay tuned!


You own the hardware resource. You can create a server that best match your needs. Going the Linux or Windows track is really your call!

Setting up a LAMP stack would be a good choice. Majority of the cloud setup runs over a flavor of the Linux operating system.

You have an access to control every bit of the things on the server right from the hardware resources to software resources.

Do you need to customize memory, server operating system, CPU processing cores, disk space, bandwidth, web server, API server or anything related to a server, you and do it.

You will have control to install only those component that you really need. Optimize each piece of software according to your needs.

You can even setup your own mail server to manage your organizational email services. Might not be a good idea if you are just starting but possible.

You can host your own document cloud and make all the organizational members collaborate on it.

You can host multiple web applications, websites, and API servers on your cloud infrastructure. Meaning you may accumulate all your organizational web hosting needs under one roof.

Support & Security:

Do you want to make things secure? You can, the way you want. You can have any or all security programs on your server you want.

Privacy and security has been the primary concerns on the internet lately. People tend to prefer secure website when it comes to sharing financial or personal information sharing.

The cloud infrastructure makes it easy for you to deploy the SSL certificate integration. It will help you build the trust with your visitors.

Well, everything looks promising but what if you stuck somewhere or something is not working at all after the hours of hard work?

The cloud provider has the best technology team backing you up. You can ask for help via phone call, email or support tickets.

Additionally, if you want to customize your cloud infrastructure with certain application installed and configured some way. There are plenty of talented freelancers available to do your job with high accuracy with affordable price.


A cloud infrastructure helps you host all of your website, web applications, digital documents, API servers under one roof. If you are looking for a cost effective and scalable web hosting solution. You can’t go wrong with cloud web infrastructure.

Darshan shares a great passion helping businesses get most out from their websites and web infrastructure. He is very passionate about his latest event and ticket managing platform an Eventbrite clone. You can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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