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The Benefits of a Cloud-based Intranet

The world of modern business is constantly evolving and those willing to remain afloat need to learn how to follow. One of the greatest changes is the fact that the modern office exists mostly in the digital environment and that it is no longer as space-bound as it was back in the days. In order to shake off restrictions imposed by on-spot platforms, most companies decide to turn to cloud-based intranets. Here are few advantages of such practice.


Establishing Better Communication

Even Sun Tzu in his Art of War claimed that the key to a great leadership is communication. This is why establishing a business network is probably the first priority every new company has to have. The most cost-efficient way to make this work would be to go with an intranet network which gives you a higher degree of security, a more reliable flow of information, and overall simplifies the entire process. Even a better option would be to go with a cloud based intranet. Its greatest perk is the fact that all data stored on this network becomes universally accessible. This means that everyone with the right clearance and connection to the internet (from any device) can gain access to these files.


Another great benefit of going with cloud-based solutions is the  fact that it makes your growth planning much simpler. Almost all cloud providers have several versions of their services available, which dictates the price you pay for them. This means that as your business grows, you can simply switch to a more expensive option, without having to further worry about this whole ordeal. On the other hand, this also comes in handy if you find yourself in a spot where you need to downsize your operation.


One of the greatest misconceptions surrounding cloud computing as a whole is a myth that it is somehow not secure enough. The same people who believe this, probably also assume that an on premise system must be completely impenetrable. Unfortunately, both are inaccurate. First of all, cloud security has come a long way since its early stages to get to where it is now. Second, external hacking threats are not the only things that should worry you. In a situation where one of your employees is a security leak, the cloud will make it much simpler to identify the culprit.

Cheaper to Set Up

Starting a new business requires quite a bit of investment, which means that there are no expenses that can be deemed as insignificant. One of the ways in which cloud saves your money is by making your initial IT infrastructure less costly. Depending on the size of your office, even software licenses can amount to a significant sum, although there are few ways to save money. With the cloud, these are simply worries you will not ever have to deal with.

The Downsides

Sure, so far we have only listed advantages of a cloud-based intranet, but what about the drawbacks. Well, first of all, you have one extra thing to pay on a monthly basis. Sure, you do not have to pay a large sum for software licensing at the start, but you do need to pay for cloud services on a monthly basis. This usually does not amount to much, but chances are your budget will already be strained to the bursting point. So, you will have to make a financial decision of whether you want to pay more at once or commit to a continuous payment over the course of time. Furthermore, seeing how you do not have an in-house IT team to govern your intranet network, you will not have a complete control over the system.


As you can see, a cloud-based intranet network has both its advantages and its drawbacks. Like everything else in business world, it can make wonders for your business if applied properly, but then again each business has its own specific needs. There are no solutions that universally work, if this was so everyone would be a millionaire, there are only things that work or do work for you. Your job is to find the first, while avoiding the latter. Good luck and choose wisely.


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