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7 Things to Look for in a Quality Web Host

A report done by Clutch which surveyed more than 350 small businesses came to the conclusion that more than 40 percent of small businesses in the U.S. still don’t have a website for their company. This survey was carried out in 2016. One year later, it is obvious that the question is not whether or not your business needs to have a website, but rather why you should do your best to have a high-quality website regardless of the size of your company. Among the number of important things you should consider when setting up your web page is how to choose the best host that will meet your needs. However, that is easier said than done, given the numerous providers out there. In this article, we’ll try to help you determine what type of web host is the most suitable for your business.

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A low-risk trial period

You can spend hours reading the terms and conditions and searching for reviews of various web hosts, but there is no denying that the best way to find out whether a certain host works for you is to actually try it out. Although many hosting providers offer the opportunity of trials, a large number of them carry certain risks within that period. So, to protect yourself, search for a host that offers a money-back guarantee in its hosting plans.

Guaranteed uptime

When a visitor comes to your website, they expect that it to work properly – it’s simple as that. To avoid losing visitors and potential customers, your website must be working 24/7. Therefore, you need a web host that can guarantee a consistent service. The numbers you should be aiming for are about 99, 90% uptime, but if you can find one with 100%, go for it.

24/7 free phone support

The truth is that no one can guarantee 100% glitch-proof service. It can happen that your website goes down or that you have email issues, but when you find yourself in such a situation, it is imperative to have a technical support system that is available for you to call any time of the day. It is also preferred for the customer service to actually pick up the phone and speak your language.


You may think that you don’t need a blog given that you are “just” a small business, but writing quality content drives attention to your company and creates a trustworthy relationship between you and your customers. Also, blogging can aid your SEO efforts, which is essential for increasing traffic. With all the things said, you should search for a platform that offers quality WordPress hosting.

Possibilities of upgrading

When you’re just starting your business you probably expect it to develop and prosper. Stagnating in one place is never a good thing for any business. But what happens when your business grows and the number of visitors on your website increases? Well, your website should be upgraded as your business expands. A good web host provider will offer possibilities for upgrade and it will be capable of dealing with unexpected increase in traffic.

Know what you are paying for

At first glance, the price of a hosting service may seem quite reasonable, even affordable, but that’s can be deceitful. Some providers offer a low startup rate from the start, but then they burden you with numerous additional costs, such as email account, forwarding the email to your existing account and blog hosting. When you add everything up, it is better to pay more for the hosts that are open about their price from day one.

An easy “breakup”

Nobody likes clingy partners that won’t become exes even if you insist that you’re done with them. It is the same with web hosting platforms. Even though everything may seem great about your host at the beginning, you still need to be offered a safe exit strategy that will allow you to move on when the time comes for you to part ways. So, read the fine print to see your options for taking your business elsewhere one day. Remember, a provider that is secure in the quality of the offered service won’t make it difficult to leave.

There are many factors that will determine just how good your site is, and it is important to implement them all to help your business develop. There is no use of having an easy-to-navigate, concise, functional and well-organized website if your host is unreliable, so consider all of these tips before making a final call.


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