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Things to Consider When Choosing Data Backup Service Provider

Every business of any size and niche should understand very well the importance of data backup. After all, data loss can interrupt the daily operations and it may even grind the operations of your business to a halt. Given the significance of data backups, finding the best data backup service provider for your business may seem hard. On the other hand, with adequate preparation, you will be able to find a data backup service provider which meets the needs of your company.
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The following are 4 important factors that should be considered when selecting a data backup service provider:

The Needs of Your Company

The needs of your company must be the initial factor that you should take into account when selecting a data backup service provider. Answering numerous important questions could help you in identifying such needs:

  • What data do you like to back up & what is the size of the data?
  • What level of support do you like from a service provider? In many cases, the 24×7 coverage will be the best way for you to go.
  • Does your business need to comply with industry-specific regulations? For instance, in the US, there are different data storage regulations for financial and healthcare industries.

The Cost

The cost would likely factor into your choice when it comes to a data backup service provider. Depending on a service provider, the pricing will be either pay as you go or it can be at a fixed rate. The pay as you go plans tend to become a much better choice for the reason that the fixed rate plans can end up in charging the users for the unused storage.

When you consider the costs of data backup service providers, you have to pay attention to the hidden charges. For instance, ask the potential providers regarding any charges that you may face when you exceed your data limit or if you require upgrade. Likewise, ask whether they implement a refund policy in case that you change your decision.


You must secure your data regardless of where it is. You would like to ensure that your data backup service provider of choice keeps your data as safe as you wish. You can ask the provider regarding digital security measures like user authentication as well as data encryption, including any physical security they may offer. The data center must be equipped with CCTV or Closed Circuit Television, locking cages, cameras, and also proximity card readers.

Their Reputation

The reputation of a data backup service provider says more regarding the level of service of it. So when you have colleagues or friends who are using data backup service, do not hesitate to ask for suggestions.  Furthermore, research the background of the service provider you might be considering. You have to find out:

  • How clear are their histories?
  • Do they have the correct certifications?
  • Do they have suggestions from the industry insiders?

A tracking record of the data backup service provider can be a deciding factor when selecting if you should partner with this company.

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