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Data Security in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the important factors for most of the IT and large scale companies, as it is important to secure the sensitive data related to the organisation. Every organisation would have a set of contents, which play a major role to gain a good amount of growth on a regular basis.
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What is cloud computing?

Cloud is one of the popular terms, which has been used in IT sector for some time now. Cloud can be considered as a future in terms of storage for different things, where you do not have depend on the physical form of storage like hard drives, servers and so on. Cloud computing is a new generation concept, where you can store a different set of files and folders in an effective way. Cloud computing has been widely used by present generation organisation, as it is the safest and the cost effective method of storing different kinds of files.

Cloud can be considered as a large server, which holds millions and millions of data on a regular basis. Cloud computing has been recommended for a long time now, as it can provide you with a better security and can be backed up at any given point of time. For better security people usually follow ransom -ware type detector. And particular for this type of security you can use cerber 3 which is the best decryptor removal tool. It doesn’t damage your system or make it act weirdly out of the blue.

Some of the sectors, who would be in need of cloud computing

  • Big servers
  • IT industry
  • Large scale industries

Why is Cloud security important for organisations?

  1. To avoid security breaches – Security problems have increased to a major extent for a past few decades, as hackers are able to make their way to find data and files from most of the industries. Securing files and folders in an effective way could help you gain growth in a short span of time, as you get to access your files safely and to avoid any kind of data loss from the server. The security breach is big news for most of the organisations, as they tend to keep some of the sensitive information in the cloud. A store can erupt over a minor security breach and could lead to a big loss in the market. In order to avoid any kind of security breaches or mishaps, it is advised for large scale organisations to protect their data in an effective way.
  2. Know where the data is stored – It is important for every organisation or a company to store the data in a precise location. Storing data is an obvious factor, which is present in every organisation. It is important for every organisation to know the location and the properties of the cloud, as a small amount of security breach could cost you dearly. Ensure to save data by taking services from a proper cloud service provider, as it is important to take fewer risks in terms of security. Some of the countries restrict people to use advanced stage security systems while protecting the data and it is important for every organisation to know and understand their country’s regulation to store the data in an effective way.
  3. Backup the data from time to time – Backing up the data on a regular basis could cost you heavy, but it could provide you with a lot of advantages over a period of time. It is important for ever individual to backup the data from time to time, as a loss or damage could occur at any point in Backing up the entire set of data could take a lot of time, as some of the organisations would have a lot of data to be stored on a regular basis. Ensure to back up the data in multiple locations, as a loss of data in both physical locations and in the cloud could be a major loss for the organisation.

Sejal is a security researcher and a ghost writer at She mostly covers all the issues and solution related to Ransomware. 


One thought on “Data Security in Cloud Computing

  1. Cloud computing is one of the technologies which has changed the way businesses operated and managed precious data. Storing and managing data in the cloud is not only safe but also comes with lots of benefits. Both employees and users can access services from any part of the world if they are cloud-based.
    And thank you for sharing knowledge on how we can keep our data secure in the cloud. These are some really helpful tips.

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