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5 Tips that You Must Follow Before Learning Java Game Development

The idea of engaging in something new and complicated is fun, but when things don’t turn on time then it can become a frustrating task. If you are planning to explore the enticing world of java game development, I would suggest you to first go through these tips that will definitely help you throughout your learning and execution process.

  1. The First Greeting

Whether it is Java or any other programming language, the very first program must always be ‘Hello World.’ You need to name this file as ‘’ The name must be identical throughout as otherwise, you will experience an error during compilation.

  1. Import Statement and Classes

You can relate similar classes into various groups in Java, known as a package. The java.awt and java.applet are two examples of such packages. You can include one or more classes from a package into functionality with the import statement.

Since classes are the major attribute of java language, so everything just revolves around it. So, next thing you need to consider is a class declaration. Two essential characteristics of the class declaration are – First, the name of the class and the file name in which it is located must be alike. Secondly, the end of a class declaration is important. For instance, ‘extends Applet’ states that the class, HelloWorld, receives and can continue on methods and variables available in the Applet class. As a result, you will get a program that functions well as an applet.

  1. Methods and Techniques

The methods in Java are almost similar to that in C++. You can go for a method that returns back or one that does not return back. Depending on the keyword, you need to choose a method that is appropriate. The paint method is another important fixture in the programs in Java as it is that creates the display on the screen and everything that you want the user to be able to see. The paint method always passes a graphics context, which is ‘Graphics g’ that is later used by a technique to enable painting on the screen.

  1. Presenting content on the screen and Modifying the Text Appearance

The Precise coordinate is essential to display the content or information on the screen accurately. For instance, the coordinate (0, 0) will offer you top left of the applet. Also, try not to draw threads to the screen. To ensure that your applet runs perfectly, you need to compile it well. If you select using JDK, then you can move into DOS and type ‘javac” If you choose the visual environments, like Visual J++ or VisualAge, then you will have a menu that enables you to compile well. Lastly, create an HTML file that displays your applet.

With Java, you can also modify the text font in terms of appearance, shape, and color. Make sure you use the correct name of the font and then specify a style for the new modified font.

  1. Control Statements and Conditionals, Images and Random Numbers

The control statements, conditions, and operators are same in Java as that in C++.

Java offers an intuitive syntax. So, when you load images, make sure that the capitalization and spelling of the file are correct. When you create bigger applets, then you might experience more errors, so you need to be cautious. The variable, x and y coordinates, and width and height are the three relevant parameters of the image in Java that you need to pay attention.

Since game programming employs frequent use of random numbers, so you need to focus on it. But getting such numbers on Java is quite simple if you follow clean and accurate coding.

Well, following these tips can help you have a seamless dive into java programming. So, just go for it and share your experiences.

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Alliance International IT – a Webdesign and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Java Game Development,web design and mobile app development.


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