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Key Data Center Trends To Be Watched Closely

As the computing is reaching newer heights, cloud computing is getting even closely integrated into IT operations. The focus will gradually move to improve the underlying critical infrastructure as businesses are gearing up for newer data volumes.  Here are some of the key trends shaping the data centres and will affect the IT infrastructure management services as well.

Rise Of Micro Data Centers

Data centres as we know are key to delivering the applications and services to the companies whether it is any point of sale of any inventory related application.  With the proliferation of IOT, micro data centres are growing in importance and number as well. As a result, more firms will move towards the pre-configured micro data centre solutions that support faster deployment, greater standardization and are managed remotely across many locations.

Harnessing Of IoT

With the use of smart technologies into the data centre, the facility managers can keep track of the real time status of the components and environmental measurements to ensure the continuity of the business operations. The sensors that measure the temperature, humidity and electricity are usually combined with the network monitoring equipment. It helps the data centres in maintaining the high level of uptime and also reduces the capital and the operational expenses. The data centres will have more platforms available as the IoT capturing the data from many sources will keep the computing facilities working at optimum capacity.


They are the systems that bring many key IT systems into one box, or system which is managed with the help of a software layer will occupy a larger role within the data centre infrastructures. Virtualization will be a driving force of the change will outshine SAN.   With convergence taking the center-stage platforms that can provide the integrated view will be much needed.

Infrastructure Driven By Software

As the infrastructure becomes increasingly defined by the software, there will be automation of the operations, which will eliminate the natural configuration at the hardware component level. It will lead to greater agility, lesser errors and also lower the cost of the operations. The focus will be on the platforms that can provide a unified view of components and the connectivity to increase the provisioning and the efficiency of the management.

More Scalable

More and more companies will go the Google, Amazon way. It means that will be doing the mimicry of these giants and will have a highly responsive IT environment which can be guided by the operations. So the infrastructures that enable building block-scale, with a high level of redundancy and resiliency using the software defined approaches will gain in popularity.

Extended Security

Security is a major challenge for the data centres, and it has become more of an availability issue as well. With the connection of to enable simpler management and automation, the threat also increases. More and more data centre professionals will add security to the growing list of the priorities and will seek solutions that will help them in identifying the responsibilities and will help them better respond to attacks.

Integration Of Data Center Design & Deployment

Although integration of technology has been on the rise in the data centre space, the operators are seeking modular, integrated solutions that can be deployed with ease and can be operated efficiently as well.

Way Ahead

As businesses are moving to remain competitive and move to newer cloud based technologies, their IT infrastructure strength remains crucial.  With excellent IT infrastructure management services, the companies will see an increase in the efficiency.


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