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Why is Salesforce Dx Beta the Best App Cloud for All Developers?

Working with the new developer’s edition of Salesforce is a dream. If you have been using for managing and developing apps, the Salesforce Developer’s Experience is something you need to try right away. It brings the best of source-driven content right at your footsteps.

What makes Salesforce Dx so special?

SalesforceDx packs a lot of power and agility into the options you already know. The highlights this time include –

  • Known functions and tools that do not require new training. The tools surely pack more flexibility and options, yet there is nothing “new” you need to master before you head to work.
  • The source code and the meta data are outside of the org. It automatically confers more flexibility to the developer’s team.
  • The powerful command-line interface or CLI makes sure your experience is smooth and easy.
  • Continuous integration and delivery of high quality of work are much easier with SDx.
  • With the new CLI and externalized source code, you can use any text editor you are comfortable with. Salesforce Dev’s edition offers extended flexibility for all kinds of editors.
  • For those, who are using Eclipse, the updated IDE plugin is specialized for all Salesforce Dx application development.

Working with Salesforce was always a pleasure. Now, Salesforce Developers Edition (beta) with added features and benefits makes sure that you can develop your own apps without compromising on your flexibility, cross-platform compatibility, and development speed.

What is the beta version?

This summer, Salesforce released the beta version of their developer’s edition. Now, this is available to all production and business organizations. You may have a few compelling reasons to migrate to Salesforce Dx, if you are not already using it –

  • Environments are flexible, easy to create and dispose of.
  • The source code drives everything.
  • It comes with flexible packaging that comes with an agile distribution model.
  • Meta data and code are both modular.
  • The development relies only on open standards of the Dx model and the extensibility.

The first glimpse of this edition came out during Dreamforce 2016 amidst a lot of anticipation and expectation. It is quite safe to say, the new developer’s version matched all the older versions function by function and left room for much imagination too.

The new Beta version supports the Lightning Test service and Lightning linting to the Salesforce CLI. Workspace upgrade command is a part of the beta version as well. The Dev Hub replaces the Env Hub option for managing your scratch Orgs. This far, over 8000 tests have run, and 13000+ scratch Orgs created on the Dx Beta.

Salesforce Dx is all you need in your quiver to become one of the best app and software developers in town. With the latest specs and features, the beta version makes it sort of a knight in the shining armor for new developers and old ones, who were looking for something powerful yet fresh.

Lucy Jones is a software development manager. She has worked with many leading organizations including during her long and eventful career.


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