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What Jobs are Safe from Automation

As students further their education and look forward to planning their lives and careers, more and more people are growing uncertain when considering which jobs will be around in the future. With automation and software being developed everyday, many industries are facing the reality of a technology takeover.

Job Security in an Automated World

As automating the working world continues, people often wonder what jobs will remain safe for employees. While industry workers like cab drivers, manufacturers, mail carriers, and more are feeling the threat of automation, there are still a few careers that are in the robot free zone.

Automation isn’t going to threaten all jobs, it’s going to help improve the work of current employees. For example, if you automate some of your accounts payable work, the clerk won’t have to spend valuable time doing the tedious work like opening and logging invoices.

This means the employee will have more time do other, higher-level things that their job requires.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality or augmented reality is an industry that is quite popular in today’s world. These people work to create a simulated environment, and can input sound, graphics, and more.

Whether it’s for entertainment or business use, the market is booming and is likely to stay around for those who want to get into the field.

Production of Drones

Drones are another part of the automated, machine driven world. Drones are commonly marketed towards children, adults, and businesses for all different uses.

Drones are being used to improve security, monitor animals in the wild, and could even be used to fight fires.

With drones, everyday people can put automation and machinery to work for them. Finding a job in the drone production and operation industry is a great way to guarantee a long-term job.  


Going into a science like genomics is another way to secure a long lasting career. With genomics, scientists work to enhance and better understand human DNA as well as the DNA inside other organisms.

While automation definitely has its place in the world of science and engineering, jobs that require the highest levels of human intelligence will be impossible to replace with machines.

Artificial Intelligence

Investing in the artificial intelligence industry is one way to ensure that your job is secure. Careers based in the artificial intelligence industry focus on developing new technologies that will mimic and surpass the neural networks, deep learning, and sophisticated skills of human workers.

Many companies utilize automation systems and artificially intelligent machines to assist with running their businesses today. If you’re a business owner who needs help keeping track of clients and employees, you could use project managing software. This software available that will do a lot of the work for you, and you won’t have to hire an employee to do tedious PM work.

In the event that machines do result in increased unemployment across the board, it is a guarantee that this is the one industry that will still need a human’s touch in more ways than one.

Brain Machine Interfaces

Artificial intelligence would be inoperable without the measures taken to develop brain machine interfaces. Working to develop these types of sophisticated interfaces is something that no machine will ever be able to replace.

Even with today’s level of technology, there is still room to be done when working to translate the workings of the brain to machines and computers.

Data science

This industry focuses on analyzing, operationalizing, and cleaning data. Securing a career in data science is a smart choice for anyone that hopes to work with automated technology in the future.

When it comes to managing your digital inventory, save that job for a software that can work more efficiently than an IT professional. By adapting to this new software, you won’t have to worry about losing important data in case of an emergency.

Even with artificially intelligent machines, handling data will always require some need of human intelligence.

Swarm Intelligence and Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology and swarm intelligence focus on molecular engineering. This is another industry that requires highly skilled experts.

As this science continues to make significant discoveries and advance its tech, it is still essential to employ human intelligence to carry on research and development.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing pairs the tech of computers with the science of biology. Choosing to study and find a career within this industry is one of the smartest ways to maintain a stable job for the future.

Artificially intelligent machines are certainly already a significant part of this field, but this industry still requires the innovation and creativity of the human mind.

3D Printing

People and businesses today are just at the cusp of understanding the incredible benefits and opportunities 3D printing offers. As we still work to understand and refine the world of 3D printing, more and more job opportunities are opening up in this industry.

Choose Your Career Wisely

All of these industries have one thing in common: the need for human innovation. As automation

threatens to change the working world as we know it, it also offers humanity the chance to push even further and expand our skill sets. People who work in these industries won’t fear automation, it will assist them and allow them to work as hard as they need to.


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