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Giving Microsoft Dynamics AX the Cloud-First Edge

Last year Microsoft released the new Microsoft Dynamics AX, the ERP software, with one powerful tweak — they made it cloud-first. Some would say that this was a natural progression. After all, cloud tech was bound to be integrated at some point within the ERP and customers were already using Dynamics on their cloud. But making Dynamics cloud-first still gives Microsoft added teeth in the ERP field.

The Dynamics AX is built for and on Azure. The powerful analytical tool is now used to create a smooth ERP solution on the cloud. It brings all the functionality and scalability of Azure. It combines ERP solutions with business intelligence, database and infrastructure services. It also allows businesses to run industry-specific solutions that can be extended and scaled as per requirement.

Giving Microsoft Dynamics AX the Cloud

The cloud-first Dynamics AX could very well be the game changer in cloud-based ERPs. But to judge this, let us look at its most key elements: scalability, security and accessibility.


An ERP solution has to keep up with a growing organization. While it may not need much in the beginning, its demand multiply as the organization grows. Traditionally this meant an expanding IT department with extra strength computers, servers and a painful process of data migration. The cloud takes away all these tedious processes by giving us a digital space which is easy to expand and grow.

The Dynamics AX, built on Azure, carries Azure’s scalability. The Azure’s advantage of only paying for what you require is also available here. You can literally keep adding to your functionality and space as you grow. If that seems a tad tedious, you can also automate the process. You can also add scalability to the number of users as your employee base expands. The best part of the cloud that you no longer have to worry about space, RAM or CPU overheads.


When it comes down to the brass tracks, what concerns most businesses is the accessibility, the possibility of downtime and the recovery time involved. In a traditional IT set-up we are all too familiar with the sudden breakdown and the uptime then consumed. All this results in valuable time lost in processes and functionality, time that is becoming more and more important today.

Azure, on the other hand, has Service Level Agreements in place that provide you with an uptime guarantee. Microsoft guarantees a 99.5% uptime with cuts in subscription costs in case of failure. But accessibility is not just about this. The cloud also gives your entire team access to the processes like company systems anytime and from anyplace. As organizations spread out and work patterns evolve, this feature is often the single most important. Not only has it helped onsite workforce, it has also helped in the mobilization of our businesses.


The most common concern for almost any cloud-based application is always security. Putting everything at a common place seems to beg the question, what happens when that safe place is broken into? Given that ERP stores some critical data, such as consumer contact information and company financials, these concerns are well worth our consideration.

To address this Microsoft worked in association with several experts to safeguard data. It restricts access to storage as well as recovery of data. In other words, only the authorized people can log in data or retrieve it. It also allows a multi-tiered system where only data access can be provided according to the level of clearance. This is important to ensure that only a few people can access sensitive data. In addition, Microsoft also has contractual obligation with several government’s to ensure that data is not disseminated unlawfully.


Ultimately the dynamics AX consultants is a direly required solution for modern businesses that are dynamic, quick and efficient. Businesses can no longer afford hiccups, slow and malfunctioning processes. Today we need a dynamic system that can grow with our organization, while facilitating collaboration. We need quick access to data that is analyzed and assembled to meet our need.

ERP systems offer us the convenience of collaboration and analysis. But cloud gives it the beauty and strength of teamwork, instant access and incredible swiftness of response. Coupled with Microsoft’s backing, its success is a no-brainer.

James Warner is an highly skilled and experienced software and mobile application system development manager at NexSoftsys Microsoft dynamics AX consultants. He has wide experience in IT industries to develop creative business system based on Java, .Net, Python, iOS, Magento and Android. His broad technology knowledge inspire him to face complicated projects.


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