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Fun Facebook Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Logging on to the Facebook com login page is something billions of people do regularly.


How much do you really know about Facebook?

For example:

Did you know that some people really struggle with their addiction to Facebook?

In fact:

One blogger found the site to be so addicting that he even went as far as hiring someone to slap him every time he veered off onto the site!

The struggle is real!

Here’s the deal:

Facebook is massive.

Hosting the social media site costs $30 million!

In case you’re wondering:

That’s the cost of hosting the site per month!!

Some people work hard all year to make $25,000.

For Facebook:

If the site goes down for a minute they lose $25,000 in revenue!!

There’s a world of difference between the two timelines.

The truth is:

Even though, on average, Facebook users will have around 100 friends on their profile.

A recent study revealed that those same users would only turn to 4 of those friends in their times of need.

This shows you how precious true friendship really is.

Discover even more fascinating and fun facts on Facebook right here for you to enjoy:

Facebook Facts

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