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Leadership in the Era of Cloud Computing: Are You Ready?

We all know leadership is no easy feat, but arming yourself with appropriate knowledge and tools will help you emerge as a successful one over time. Business world is undergoing rapid changes adopting novel technologies. Technology has penetrated almost every part of our lives whether it be interacting with our friends or managing critical business operations, technology is all around us.

Cloud computing is one particular tech trend that is taking businesses by a storm since quite a few years. Yes, the computing tech that was once recognized as nothing but a marketing tactic has evolved into a reliable means of doing business. The technology is already helping a number of businesses turn agile and efficient in no time. This is the reason business leaders should understand and embrace this novel computing trend to stay ahead of the curve. For instance, cloud HR software is proving to be a boon to businesses and especially HR managers to address the growing painpoints of human capital management.

What it means for business leaders?

Brace yourselves for evolving leadership roles! As cloud technology is reshaping the business landscape across the globe, we can expect to see significant changes in leadership roles and duties.

For example, the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) has transformed and evolved over the past few years from IT dominant profile to strategic business leader. Today, cloud computing facilitates CIOs to focus more on productivity of enterprise apps rather than sticking to IT infra and support concerns. Then again, an increasing number of Chief Executive Officers (CEO) and Chief Financial Officers (CFO) are playing active roles in helping businesses mitigate IT costs. Astonishingly, CIOs no longer are the only key decision makers when it comes to buying cloud based HR software solutions, because a burgeoning number of human resource managers and CFOs have begun to play key roles in buying as well as implementing these strategic enterprise applications/solutions.

Where does it go from here?

Business leaders in cloud computing age should master certain skills that would span across a number of responsibilities and roles. Here are some prominent competencies that leaders should develop to win the cloud race:

  • Agility: Business leaders in today’s cloud era should be flexible when it comes to adopting new concepts provided the fact that an increasing number of businesses are redefining their goals to support a cloud-oriented ecosystem.
  • Visualization: Cloud computing calls for leaders to have a lucid vision in terms of platform, infra, data security, access, finances, etc. pertaining to cloud technology. Simply put, leaders would require having a transparent vision and plan for surviving cloud revolution.
  • Cloud savvy: As the number of organisations jumping onto the cloud bandwagon manifolds, they certainly would need business leaders and experts, who possess robust expertise in software, hardware and various other technical facets of cloud.
  • Openness: Success in cloud computing relies on business leaders, who tend to be receptive. Therefore, the most imperative aspect would be collaborating with various entities to meet the diverse needs of organisation and its customers.
  • Customer-oriented: Being subscription based (SaaS), cloud would provoke businesses to provide their customers with scalable solutions as and when and how much they need. To conclude, cloud technology is nothing but understanding your customers’ needs. This calls for leaders to have clever thinking ability to predict the needs of customers.

Closing the Curtains:

While cloud computing assures efficiency and agility, reaching its pinnacle requires businesses to have leaders with strong IT expertise and sharp vision. Cloud’s unmatched potential in rendering businesses with never-before agility and efficiency is something that businesses certainly cannot overlook.

Anwar Shaikh writes about startups, human resources, cloud technology, chatbots, analytics and all things technology. A self-trained writer, Anwar writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud based payroll software for small and mid-sized businesses across India.


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