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High-Tech Truck Monitoring Advantages Outweigh Privacy Concerns

The field of technology is still growing at a fast pace. Most of the latest innovations being released into the market have been welcomed, but others have been received with mixed reactions. One of these innovations is truck monitoring technology.

EyeNet from EyeRide is one of the latest truck monitoring technologies on the market. The monitoring system contains a video system that is solely focused on keeping track of the driver’s movements and actions while on the road. While most truck drivers feel that this surveillance system infringes on their privacy, truck owners and the innovators argue that this device helps improve safety levels on highways and roads and also leads drivers to boost their driving skills.

Remote Surveillance

The latest release of truck surveillance gadgets is much more advanced than those that were released in previous years. In addition to the ability to locate the trucks and control their speeds, modern surveillance has helped fleet owners monitor the drivers remotely with latest gen cellular technology and satellite-based surveillance.

In previous years, drivers were tasked with making periodic reports on details like fuel consumption, port levies, etc. These reports alongside others were very limited, but with the advent of new truck monitoring technology, fleet managers can easily retrieve data from these devices that includes any illegal stops, instances of speeding, etc.

Increased Safety

Multiple studies have shown that trucks account for almost 8% of the traffic on highways. However, 11% of all fatal crashes are caused by trucks. The latest truck monitoring technology has helped in cutting down on the number of accidents involving commercial trucks.

These devices allow complete monitoring of the truck and the driver’s behavior on the road by accessing important stats such as fuel consumption, the truck’s efficiency, and the driver’s behavior. Examples of behavioral factors that are monitored include driving too close to the driver ahead, braking too hard, and other dangerous driving actions. Apart from providing that information, the driver’s good behavior on the road is encouraged in order to gain a good score, which improves the safety on the roads.

Some manufacturers of these systems are also rolling out systems with an active braking technology that will aid in stopping the truck in case of unexpected obstacles. Facial analysis cameras are also used to monitor the drivers, and those dozing off while driving can easily be identified and warned.

The Law

Despite backlash from truck drivers and lawsuits about spying, the courts have always ruled that employees have little right to privacy during working hours. Several companies manufacturing the truck surveillance systems argue against the notion that the systems are designed to spy on the driver, and they point out that their main goal is improving road safety while also improving the driver’s behavior on the roads. When drivers are falsely accused of causing accidents, data collected by the surveillance system can be used in a court of law to clear the driver from any allegations of wrongdoing.


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