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Reasons Why Websites Do Not Rank Well on Google Search

After you are done developing your website or blog or have hired somebody to create it for you, the next step always involves going live in order for the targeted customers to access your content or products.

But, the main challenge arises when doing a quick search on your site’s ranking on Google, the world’s famed search engine, and your website fails to appear at the top or on the first page of the results. This could be very disappointing, and it is a distinct sign that people out there will not get a glimpse of the awesome content available on your website. As for e-commerce sites or web shops, you may encounter losses because your products will not be seen or bought.

So, how do you deal with this white elephant? What needs to be done for a website to emerge on Google’s top results pages? Those are the questions you may be asking yourself. Well, worry not because below we delve into the reasons that might prevent your website from ranking well in Google’s results.

Lack of Proper SEO Optimization

Before Google actually ranks your website, it must be correctly optimized. There are a number of tools and professional services that one can use to check if a website is adequately optimized. Also, you can seek the services of an SEO & digital agency – SEO tools and professional services will better your site’s position in search results. In addition, they will also highlight areas or sections within your website that may require extra attention.

Irrelevant Content

Engineers at Google have long worked at making their search engine very helpful and as successful as possible when carrying out searches on the web. Websites that have information related to the search and are up to date will always appear first.

So, this raises the question of how applicable and relevant the content and information on your website is. Always ensure that you have a good title that is supported with intricately chosen keywords. Another point to keep in mind is to make sure that the information posted in your website matches the searchers’ expectations.

Discouraging Google from Indexing Your Site

You may have done everything correctly like optimizing your site, aligning content on your website in an accessible and easy to view layout, etc. But still, your website does not appear higher on Google’s search results. Well, the problem could be that settings in your website prevent Google from indexing your site, which helps Google find the most appropriate answers to a search.

Lack of a Mobile Friendly Design

Over the years, mobile usage has surpassed desktops as the go to device for internet access. Whenever you launch a new website, make certain it is mobile friendly. If you hire a website designer, insist that he or she makes it responsive so that it automatically adapts to all devices.

What this means is that when the website is accessed via a phone or tablet, the website should correctly fit on the respective device’s screen properly. Websites that are not mobile friendly will rank poorly in Google’s search results when accessed via a mobile phone.



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