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4 Facts to Know About the New Type C Port in MacBook

With its newest introduction to the MacBook series, Apple has introduced just one USB type-C port based on the USB 3.1 features. The motivation of the global franchise is to minimize the need for various ports that lead to a sleek, thinner design of the laptop. This is not the first time Apple has played a part in trying something unconventional with the features in their laptop series. Remember the launch of the first MacBook back in the year 2008? Well, it had a single USB 2.0 port along with a micro-DVI port that was provided for connecting peripherals and monitors respectively.

On the other hand, the speed-enhancing USB 3.1 port outlined with the type-C USB features can offer you dual features including:

  • Allowing the MacBook to recharge when running low on battery.
  • Provide connection to a broad range of peripherals such as cameras, printers, monitors and external storage devices.

The biggest feature that has allowed Apple to set a benchmark for others in the digital industry is being one of the pioneers in the laptop niche to support the USB type-C port.

Streamlining the Process of Data Transfer

USB type-C in the new MacBook has garnered a lot of attention from many tech gurus and experts. One of the reasons behind this positive acclaim is the lightning speed the USB 3.1 based port is offering to the Apple users. As of now, the USB type-C in the new MacBook is currently transmitting data at the speed of five gigabits per second. However, the data transfer in the future from the MacBook to peripherals is expected to be around 10 Gigabits per second, which is roughly twice as faster than its previous counterparts such as USB 3.0.

 User-friendly Nature of the Type-C Cable

Speaking of the USB type-C cable of MacBook, there is incredible excitement among users and that is for a very good reason. The communicating USB cable has removed the issue of plug orientation that previously used to confuse the users a lot. Thanks to the USB type-C cable being likewise on both ends, users can now easily plug it into the computer for allowing data transfer and other procedures.

 You will Need to Shop for a Type-C Hub

If the USB type-C port is going to be utilized for charging or other purposes solely, you will have to look out for other alternatives to connect your peripherals. One such alternative is buying USB-C hub for MacBook Pro that will cater all your requirements regarding charging and connecting the peripheral devices. You can take the help of the Internet and browse some option in the type-C hub category.

 Backward Compatible

The backward compatible feature of the USB type-C port in the new MacBook is another attribute of the USB 3.1 that has captured a lot of attention. It has allowed the other devices to communicate with the port present in the MacBook. In general, the USB type-C is just the beginning of cross-platform connection facility.

 Concluding Thoughts

Apple is quite optimistic about its newest USB port version in their latest MacBook. The USB type-C port in the MacBook Pro supports HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort and Ethernet protocols, making it an ultimate choice for laptop users.

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