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Open Source BI/Monitoring Tools

Adding BI/Monitoring tools to your DevOps toolkit benefits organization in maintaining applications in a better manner. DevOps can be used to build the bridge between software development and IT operations together. When combining these two diverse streams, we need to have extremely efficient tools, here we listed the open source BI/Monitoring tools.

13) Kibana

14) Nagios

15) Zabbix

16) Elasticsearch

Kibana: Kibana is an open source bi monitoring tool it supports analytics and visualizations. Kibana is specifically designed to work in concurrence with Elasticsearch. Kibana bi tool can be used to view, search and interact with the data that is stored in Elasticsearch. The data visualizations also can be done in the forms of charts, tables, and maps.

Nagios: Nagios is also another open source bi monitoring tool out there in the market. It has written in C programming and has very advanced features like monitoring systems, networks and infrastructure. Kibana supports different services like SMTP, HTTP, POP, IMAP, Proxy, etc.

Zabbix: Zabbix is an open source monitoring tool is used for networks and applications. Zabbix is built to monitor and track the status of various network services, and servers.

Elasticsearch: Elasticsearch is another open source monitoring tool that is developed in Java. Elasticsearch is a Lucene based monitoring application that is completely scalable and also used for data analysis. Elasticsearch is a very powerful and flexible tool developed to work with the problems that are identified with Big Data and it is used for content search, data analysis.



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