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Open Source Containerization Tools

Containerization is the process of operating system virtualization, the current running container uses the least OS resources, memory and services need to run the application. Enabling containerization in DevOps process enhances the performance, efficiency and speed on the application. Here you can find a list of open source containerization tools.

30) Docker

31) RKT

32) Mesos

33) Kubernetes

34) Nomad

Docker: Docker is an open source containerization tool developed in Go programming language. Docker is the best software in containerization that carry out OS-level virtualization. Docker helps application developers and system administrators to build, ship, and run distributed applications in a effective way.

Kubernetes: Kubernetes is yet another open source container orchestration tool built using Go programming language by Google. Kubernetes is used for automating software product deployment, scaling the performance, and management of containerized applications.

RKT: RKT is an open source container engine developed for modern application production cloud-native environments.

Mesos: Apache Mesos is an open source containerization product is used to manage computer clusters. Cluster manager efficiently manages the resources across the applications and frameworks.

Nomad: Nomad is an open source scheduler that uses a declarative job file for scheduling virtualized, containerized, and standalone applications



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