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Open Source Continuous Integration Tools

Continuous Integration (CI) is the backbone of DevOps. Continuous delivery and continuous deployment are very crucial in delivering high-quality software product faster than ever before. CI process is used to merge code written by the developers into a central repository and ensuring that the product is always in shippable quality to the deployment process. CI tools allow developers to commit their code changes to the central repository as frequently as required. Now CI tools merge the code to build and test the application if there are any bugs noticed in the process quickly informed to the respected develope to fix the issues. Here is the list of open source CI tools.


Jenkins CI Tool: Jenkins is the best open source continuous integration tool. Jenkins CI server is written in Java and is the most widely used tool in the market for the continuous integration builds. You can define delivery pipelines for building and testing development code continuously with it. Jenkins is flexible and it has two modes of interfaces, both GUI (Graphical User Interface) and CLI (Command Line Interface) allows developers to do configuration operations. The biggest advantage of using Jenkins is its plugins, they will support numerous features in building and testing any software development project.

Travis CI: Travis CI is another open source Continuous Integration (CI) tool that is hosted on GitHub. Travis CI is a hosted on GitHub, so it can easily be believed that it is platform independent CI tool. Automatically build and test runs are triggered for every codecommit made by the developer to GitHub repository. You can configure Travis CI by including a file that is named *.travis.yml to the root directory of a GitHub repository. This travis.yml file consists of all the actionable data that will be verified and validated as required whenever an execution of build happens.

CruiseControl: CruiseControl is open source continuous integration tool written in java programming. CruiseControl supports creating custom continuous build processes. Plenty of plugins available for CruiseControl to support the diverse range of functionalities. It can support build tools like Ant, NAnt, Maven, Phing, Rake, and Xcode. With its advanced web interface, we can track and monitor current and previous builds as well.

Continuum: Apache Continuum is a continuous integration server. It has features like automated builds, release management, role-based security. Continuum helps developers to schedule their builds using configuration files and send email notifications to developers whenever the build in broken.


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