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Open Source Deployment Tools

In today’s information technology world, with IT being spread across the globe, working collaboratively with the developers from various remote locations becomes very important and so does the need for a tool that does the Deployment pretty quick arise. In recent time these deployment challenges have grown into bigger in size when the project grows or more developers get involved in the actual software development process. To address such needs, there is the concept of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) in DevOps. Continuous deployment process allows software development companies to get benefit from consistent early observation. It reduces the production deployment time and enhances the performance. Here is the list of open source build tools to get succeed in the production deployment.

Otto: Otto is the open source continuous delivery tools. Otto is the successor of both Vagrant. Otto can be used for continuous testing to continuous Delivery.

SmartFrog: SmartFrog is an open source configuration management system that is written in Java and supports continuous integration process. It helps in hosting large-scale applications across the component-based distributed system.

Rundeck: Rundeck is an open source software hosted on GitHub. Rundeck helps you automate routine operational practices in data center or cloud environments. It has web-based and command line interface to run the tasks. It complements tools like Puppet, Chef, and Jenkins, Cloud, VM.


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