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Open Source Logging Tools

Logging is worth when you include in your DevOps pipeline. Logging can capture all the happenings from different levels of software development stack. Logging can be enabled to track operating systems, databases, servers and source code exceptions and resolve as soon as possible. Logging can also help in finding key events in a large pool of log data. Adding logging tools to your development pipeline bring many advantages to the table. Here you can find the list of open source Logging tools you should consider adding in your DevOps toolkit.

35) Logstash

Logstash: Logstash is an open source logging tool is used to store events and log data. Logstash can capable of collecting, storing and analyzing logs data for the future purposes. Using Kibana web interface, users can search and view logs data that is stored in Logstash. Logstash and Kibana tools are based on Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, when these three tools used together are known as an ELK stack.


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