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Open Source SCM Tools

SCM stands for Source Code Management. In DevOps SCM plays a vital role in any application development process. Source code management helps in collaboration between developers for storing source code and maintaining versions to ensure every programmer should aware of the code changes. In SCM process, usage model defines how SCM tools can be used in your application development environment. SCM tools can also manage configuration files in addition to the original source code. Software configuration management tools are very critical in application development process to make or break process. You have to choose SCM tools wisely to succeed in your source code management. Here is the list of open source SCM tools.

1) Git

2) GitLab

3) Subversion

4) Mercurial


Git SCM Tool: Git is open source version control management tool. It is distributed VC tool to manage source code from small projects to large projects without affecting its speed and efficiency. Git is the best in source code management tools.

Gitlab SCM Tool: GitLab is another source code repository management tool that is hosted on the GitLab offers all the Git repository management functions with features like access control, bug tracking, and code reviewing.

Subversion SCM Tool: Subversion (SVN) is an open source scm tool, it also known as version control system (VCS) to manage files and the changes committed to them over the period. By maintaining the versions, there is always an opportunity to recover the older versions whenever we required, if there is any issue with the current code and also let you check on the history of your code. Subversion allows users from different remote locations to access the same code and work in a collaborative way.

Mercurial SCM Tool: Mercurial is an open source distributed source control management tool and it handles projects of any size efficiently. Mercurial is a cross-platform source code management tool and it is available for Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Linux Operating

systems. Initially, the Mercurial project was initiated just in the same era as was the time when GIT was getting developed. As a matter of fact, GIT was adopted for version control for Linux projects and Mercurial was adopted by many other development projects.


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