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The Immense Benefits of Using Data Analytics-Driven Digital Menu Boards

The digital menu board is a technology that is being adopted by most restaurant businesses today. This is because of the countless benefits that it provides to restaurant owners and marketers. This technology can be controlled remotely with the use of an internet-connected device and its contents changed to suit the needs of the customers at a specific time. When coupled with digital analytics, restaurants can rake in huge benefits with their digital signage systems. Here are the top benefits of using analytics-driven digital menu boards.

Increase service speed

One of the biggest benefits of using digital menu boards and displaying analytics is the fact that it can help you to speed up your service delivery. You can use adaptive menu boards to show your patrons what they can quickly order because they will only see what is available at a specific time of day. You will also learn the ordering behaviors of your clients and this will help you to display what they like at specific times. This will help to reduce visual clutter and influence people to make decisions faster. You can also speed up the order transmission to ensure that food is ready to go as the customer gets to the next window.

Real-time menu changes

Adaptive menu boards allow for real-time changes to the menu board. Some of these digital menu boards can easily measure temperature, weather, and even customer proximity on their own. Others can connect to the web and pull out real-time context clues that will help in providing the right information to the right clients and at the right time. When the weather changes to rainy and chilly from sunny, your digital boards will promote comfort foods and warm beverages instead of iced drinks or other warm-weather items.

Boost order accuracy

You can easily boost order accuracy with adaptive digital menu boards. This is because employees can convey the order choices back to the consumers as they speak so that they can confirm their digital menu boardsselection before they move along. This will in turn help to keep the queue moving quickly and guarantee customer satisfaction as it will reduce order errors.

Enhance communication

Display analytics can make it easier for you to stay on top with your customers. This is because it is never easier to communicate effectively with your clients. The most important aspect is to figure out the mediums that your patrons want to communicate with your business on. For example, some clients will be willing to get weekly emails regarding your specials, while others may prefer communication through social media channels. There are other clients who may feel happy downloading your mobile app and get push notifications regarding store events or special discounts.

You should take time to determine how your clients would love to communicate with you and then create customer relations strategies that enable you to reach them when and where they wish to be reached. This will help you keep tabs on your clients and keep them coming back and build loyalty with time.

Personalize content

Display analytics can bring a new context to the restaurant’s relationships with its clients. Technology can help to personalize your content based on a variety of factors. You can easily understand your clients as individuals apart from getting crucial information about events, local weather, and restaurant conditions like fresh items that must be moved. When restaurants connect digital menu boards with their consumers using personalized mobile devices, they can execute personalization like proposing frequently ordered items. They can also offer personalized deals and coupons depending on what the clients are really interested in.

Escalate incremental sales with analytics

Restaurant businesses can use digital analytics to drive increased profits for their businesses. You can achieve this by giving your patrons suggestions of items that can pair well with whatever they have ordered. They can also help to highlight price changes and special deals to encourage consumers to order other items that may be appealing to them. With time, your digital menu boards will learn the different types of food pairings that are most frequent and start suggesting them more to your customers. With more context clues available for your clients, your restaurant will be able to serve clients better and digital menu boards will add more significant data to this equation.

The best way that restaurant businesses can boost loyalty is through offering rewards to their clients for engaging with their brand. Today, the best rewards programs are those that are technology-driven because they immensely rely on data analytics to provide consumers with incentives that are tailored to their preferences and interests. Restaurants can reward their clients for visiting their outlets or offer rewards for frequent visits and for trying out new menu items. This can easily work, especially when you target the younger generations. There are countless reward options that businesses can provide to their clients as long as they rely on data analytics regarding their customer base to give them an experience that will appeal to their tastes.

John Mathew is a digital signage expert who loves to write about his experiences in this field. He always wants to make sure that his clients learn more about digital menu boards.


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