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How Mobility Solutions Give A Winning Advantage To Enterprises

As mobility becomes the backbone of businesses, enterprises of all sizes are fast embracing mobility solutions. These solutions are driving the concept of a connected business ecosystem that opens up new opportunities for businesses. As workplaces get empowered with these innovative solutions, there is a seamless connectivity between the workforce, equipment, and processes. Also, they make information and data accessible at the fingertips, bringing about a paradigm shift in the enterprise environments. Despite the fact that making this confidential business data accessible through the mobile apps poses some security threats, they are still revered for the positive impact they can make. Before going deeper into the impact that enterprise mobility can bring, it is important to understand how it works.

How Mobility Solutions Give A Winning Advantage To Enterprises

Enterprise mobility is much more than mobile apps; it comprises three strategic areas of business and strengthens it in different aspects:

  • Employee-centric mobility which encompasses the mobile apps specifically for the workers who use mobile devices to access the data and information of the enterprise.
  • Customer-focused mobility which covers consumer mobile apps that are meant to drive revenues for the business by opening up the mobile selling channel to sell goods and services.
  • Operational mobility which includes the apps that are designed to enhance the operational efficiencies, reduce the operational expenditures, promote sales, and facilitate the tracking of manpower, materials, and products.

It can be inferred that mobility does not refer to a single app but is rather a multi-factorial strategy that covers the varied aspects of the business. Additionally, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for enterprise mobility and the strategy has to be tailored according to the unique needs of a business. A well-planned mobility strategy is capable of bringing immense benefits for an enterprise. Relevance is, therefore, the key as it can make or break the mobility strategy for a business. Here are the parameters of the relevance of a mobility solution for an enterprise:

  1. Mobile policies of the organization

The most critical parameter that determines the relevance of an enterprise mobility solutions is the mobile policy of the organization. Whether the company provides devices to the users or take the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach is an important consideration while building the mobility solution. Planning is to be done while keeping in mind the budget and investment that the organization can make in the short term and long term.

  1. Accessibility and security expectations

The expectations related to the accessibility and security of the mobility solutions also determine its level of relevance for the enterprise. These parameters are extremely significant considering the fact that these solutions put the confidential business data at stake. Therefore, the solution should fulfill the minimum authentication requirements and at the same time, the UI and UX should focus without compromising security.

  1. Business mode and model

The mode and model of a business also determine the kind of mobility strategy they need to adopt. While ideating a mobility solution and strategy, businesses seek immediate results with higher productivity, easier accessibility and improvement in operations efficiency. If an app idea or the app itself fails to fulfill these purposes, it gets discarded. Hence, agility and functionality become the key aspects for businesses following any mode and model when they invest in an enterprise mobility solution.

Mobility Solutions Can Take Enterprises To The Next Level

Considering the immense benefits that mobility solutions can bring to businesses, they can take them to the next level in terms of efficiency, productivity, and overall growth. As an ultimate impact, they can drive digital transformation for a business. The impact of a solution, however, depends on the technologies it uses and the level of advancement it achieves. This is decided by the size of the enterprise as well as the kind of investment it is willing and able to make.

For instance, most of the smaller businesses with limited resources begin their mobility journey with the minimalistic “basic-impact” mobility solutions. These include non-consumer apps that are designed to strengthen the core of the enterprise by establishing communication and connectivity between the workforce and streamlining the internal processes. Bigger enterprises with higher investment capabilities, however, can opt for “advanced” mobility solutions. In addition to improving the internal working of the organization, they also enhance the delivery of services and improve the relationships with the customers.

Finally, there are some mobility solutions that enable the enterprises to embark on their digital journey. Since these are empowered with high-tech and transformative technologies such as iBeacons and GPS, their cost of development goes a little higher in comparison to the basic and advanced apps. These app solutions are apt for very big organizations that can go an extra mile while spending on a mobility solution. However, they can justify the extra expenditure by fulfilling additional requirements such as inventory management, material tracking, workforce safety, scheduled maintenance services and mobile CRM solution for customers.


Embracing enterprise mobility is no longer a choice for businesses in the current scenario, no matter what their size is and which domain they belong to. Not only do they boost the internal efficiencies but also enable the enterprises to keep pace with the market trend as well as stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, they enable them to meet the expectations of the employees, customers, and business partners. Enterprise mobility spells innovation with a vision, with the aim to open new frontiers for the business and drive unmatched growth for it.

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