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Special tips for writing about crypto

Interest in the crypto industry continues to grow. Hundreds of companies all over the world are trying to either raise funds using crypto technology or getting ready to start offering crypto-related services. The rise in the crypto market means that people are constantly looking for information.

As a writer, writing about cryptocurrencies and related services is different from other types of technical or fundamental writing. In order to write about the crypto industry, there are some things that you have to keep in mind and implement them. Here are some tips that will help you write excellent crypto articles.

  1. Know the crypto terms

The first thing you need to do is know the terms used in the crypto space. There are hundreds of words that are used in the crypto market, and knowing what they mean or stand for will help you while writing. Some of those words include; altcoins, ICO, smart contracts, blockchains, exchanges, bull, bear, market cap, and several others. Check the crypto investment glossary to see the full list of crypto terms and their definitions.

  1. Be familiar with the top cryptos and their projects

If you don’t know the top cryptocurrencies and what their projects stand to achieve, then make sure you start researching about them. Knowing the cryptos and their underlying projects will go a long way in helping you write articles about them. What is ethereum? What does the ethereum team hope to achieve with the currency? What is the underlying technology behind it and what how does it bring value to its industry? If you can answer this question successfully, then you can write an article about ethereum. The same thing goes for all cryptocurrencies.

  1. Carry out extensive research

Before writing any crypto-related articles, ensure that you conduct an extensive research on the topic. There are some questions that you need to address before writing articles. If it’s an article about a cryptocurrency, make sure you find out what it does, its current market valuation, trading volumes, the underlying technology, and the problems it is solving or intends to solve. You can find information about a cryptocurrency from its whitepaper and from other websites such as coindesk and others.

If you are writing a whitepaper for an ICO, then you need to know the technology behind a particular blockchain. The ICO usually contains a detailed description of the system architecture and how it intends to interact with the users.

The white paper also looks at the current market data and the anticipation of growth for the crypto project. It also touches on how the company will deploy the token and how to use it. Thus, before writing a whitepaper, you will need to know all the team members, investors, and advisors while also carrying out an extensive research about the market and how it will affect the project.

An ICO cannot be successful without a good whitepaper, thus it is very important that you provide as much information as you can about the project and present the prospective investors with as much data as needed.

How does the company employ its blockchain technology to make changes in its industry? Explaining how the blockchain technology of a project works will go a long way in convincing people to actually patronize that company. So, you will need to know how the technology works and the problems it solves so that you can write an informed article.

  1. Know how to read technical terms

For those writing crypto news and market analysis, knowing how to read the technical terms and interpreting them is very important. Market analysis is a core part of crypto news reporting. Writing about the daily market forecasts and recaps means you must learn how to read market charts. This trading guide, for example, shows you all you need to know about crypto trading and how to navigate the crypto market.

You must also follow the market keenly and know the catalysts for a crypto’s bullish or bearish run. Most of the time, the surge or plunge in the price of a crypto is due to an event or a series of events. It is important to know about the events that cause price correction of a cryptocurrency. This will give your news more credibility.

  1. Statistics is very important

The crypto market is a financial market, just like the forex and stock markets. Figures and stats do more to convince readers about your point than words. For a cryptocurrency, you can find its relevant statistics from sources such as Coindesk, Nicehash and several others. Talking about the percentage increase or decrease tells the readers more about a cryptocurrency or a project.

When writing a news article, quoting some analysts and people who commented about a certain development is also very important. It gives the articles more of a conversational tone.

  1. Don’t conclude unless you are absolutely sure

As a writer, you will get the chance to review certain crypto-related businesses such as exchanges, wallets, and other companies. Try as much as possible to be fair, write about your findings. Do not conclude that a wallet or exchange is a scam unless you are absolutely sure. Do not conclude that mining using a certain hardware isn’t successful until you have made the necessary calculations and arrived at a satisfactory answer. Telling your readers that a certain company or service provider is a scam when it isn’t will do damage to you as a writer. Ensure that you report only facts or statements made by others (quote them).


The crypto industry is a fast growing one and the amount of information needed in the industry keeps increasing. There are several areas that you can write about, but before you do so, knowing the industry is very important. Ensure that you know the terms used, know the cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies, their aims and what benefit they bring to the industry.


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