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6 Trends That Are Changing The Tech Scenario In 2018

Technology is no longer a thing of wonder but has become an integral part of the human existence. Even the people who were not once tech-driven are gradually becoming comfortable with the disruptive impacts that futuristic technologies are so well-known for. The past few years have been big on the tech front and 2018 is no exception. In fact, as we approach the mid of this year, there are already some visible trends on the tech scenario. Let us check the ones that transforming lives and the world:

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a game-changer

The technology of the Internet of Things became mainstream in the recent years but 2018 has seen it in the role of a true game-changer. Smart devices are now a part of everyday existence, at home and at work. With these devices, the IoT has become a strong presence in the form of home and industrial automation. Being capable of gathering data constantly, connecting with other devices and sharing data with them, these devices have simplified complex processes, that too without the need for human intervention. The world is experiencing the power of devices like the Fitbit, smart cars, smart TVs, voice-enabled personal assistants like Alexa, and more. From smart homes, smart cars, and smart cities, we are consistently moving forward towards the realization of the vision of becoming a smarter world.

  1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are now widespread

AI is a term that needs no introduction as it has been around for quite some time now. However, this year has seen a phenomenal rise in the technologies of machine language and artificial intelligence. This rapid advancement is attributed to the incredible explosion in data; amazingly, the more is the volume of data with an AI system, the quicker it learns and the more accurate it becomes. With this, the traditional, time-wasting tasks have now been taken over by intelligent machines and applications. For instance, AI-powered computers can use facial recognition software to see and identify while intelligent chatbots can gauge human emotions using Natural Language Processing and deliver a conversational interface for the application users.

  1. Blockchain is bigger than ever

Undoubtedly, the popularity surge for cryptocurrency in 2017 made it an eventful year for the Blockchain technology. But 2018 has taken things further as the technology is now becoming an attractive prospective for almost every big organization across all industries. With its features of decentralization, immutability, transparency, and security, Blockchain has revolutionized the way data is stored. It has made inroads into industries with applications such as smart contracts (real estate), data records management (healthcare), banking and finance (transactions), inventory tracking (manufacturing and retail), and more.

  1. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality are mainstream

The technologies of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality are becoming mainstream, with almost every business app embracing them for enhancing the user experiences they deliver. Businesses are leveraging AR, VR, and their mix to make their app stand apart and  position their brands in the market. For instance, e-commerce experiences are being greatly enhanced by integrating virtual try-rooms into them so that the shoppers can actually visualize the product before buying it online. On the other hand, these technologies are increasingly being adopted as a part of enterprise applications for diverse purposes, such as providing simulative training to the employees.

  1. The rise of wearables

Wearable devices have been disrupting lives for a few years now but 2018 is witnessing a wearable revolution. The fitness and healthcare industry has seen a considerable impact as more and more patients and fitness freaks are embracing these devices as a part of their existence. From measuring the critical health metrics to sharing health data with providers and ensuring emergency care when needed, there is a lot these devices can do to improve health and save lives. Industrial wearables are also in vogue this year as these empower the workforce to operate the devices from remote locations.

  1. Interactions with technology have changed

2018 has been a big year, not only in terms of technological disruptions but also in the way that human interaction with them has changed. Of course, mobile phones have made technology accessible on the go as one no longer needs to reach out to the computer for every single task, but the scenario has been there for years. 2018 is different as it has seen the growth of voice interactions and the growing popularity of Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant says it all about this trend.


2018 is a year of unprecedented growth and disruptions as far as technology is concerned. With almost half the year still to go, the impact is likely to grow in the second half. Undoubtedly, this year is going to be a cornerstone of a future that is tech-driven and will totally change lives for the times to come.

Sneha is a business analyst at OrangeMantra Tech, a leading IOT Application development company in India. If you are looking for a reliable digital transformation partner for your business, connect with OrangeMantra Tech.

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