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All That you need to know about Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an IT archetype that offers the on-demand delivery of the computing solutions including dedicated servers, storage management, networking, database management, analytics and much more, over the internet. It provides access to a pool of shared resources along with high-end services for most businesses with minimum efforts and cost.

More about Cloud Computing

The “Cloud” in Cloud Computing refers to the internet. Hence, in a way, Cloud Computing can also be called as Internet Computing. Under this concept, various IT resources, applications, and databases etc. are delivered over the internet and made available to organizations and individuals. This helps users on the offshore locations to access the data easily with any hassles. So, rather than deploying the data to the local server, it is stored on the dedicated servers on the remote locations. The arrangement is done using the internet connection and pay-as-you-use model.


The inception of Cloud Computing

However, Cloud Computing has gained popularity for over last decade, its roots were incepted more than 50 years ago.

The idea of Cloud Computer was started with Mainframe computers, which were considered the future of technology at that time. Many of the big corporations shared their computing resources using these mainframes with other businesses on the payment basis. Many firms started using these resources from different locations across the globe. And, thus the concept of Cloud Computing was originated.

Similarly, cloud word was used as the information technology metaphor for the internet. Since the concept of this type of computing require an internet connection and everything is done on the internet, ‘cloud’ word got associated with computing.


How does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud Computing technique is used to share and store data over the internet. The data is stored on servers that are maintained by the Cloud Computing Service Providers. The servers used are physical and highly secured.

Cloud Computing can either be a third party or in-house service depending on the size of business. For small and medium businesses, third party service is more cost-effective and hassle-free, for data storage and processing. Cloud based IT solutions has efficiently handle the workload of any organization or business.


In the older times, these types of data manipulations were performed on supercomputers and were limited to either military or large organizations.


Various Types of Cloud Computing Networks

The cloud computing is of following types depending upon the kind of data that needs to be processed, levels of security and management.

Ø  Public Cloud

Ø  Private Cloud

Ø  Hybrid Cloud


Public Cloud

Public Cloud can be accessed by anyone. It is basically internet and the service providers use this public cloud to make computing resources available to general public. For example, Google AppEngine, Oracle Cloud,  IBM’s Blue Cloud, and Windows Azure etc.

Public cloud is the most inexpensive way of cloud computing as in minimal charges, the providers cover the hardware, bandwidth and set-up cost offering you the most economical cloud infrastructure. It fulfills the demand of every individual user based on pay-as-per-services-used on demand.


Private Cloud

The infrastructure of the private cloud is restricted and can be accessed by registered employees and associates of an organization. It is mostly owned by single enterprises and offers a scalable, flexible and cost-effective automation and monitoring. Private clouds are usually managed without external controls and are compliant with security regulations of the organization. They can be expensive. Hence, most of these Clouds are owned by big enterprises.

The infrastructure of Private Cloud is managed by either the IT department of the organization or the third party vendor.


Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is the combination of both private and public clouds. The enterprise or firm using private cloud can also access resources from the internet or public cloud as per their requirement. For example, during peak seasons, individual applications can be shifted to the public cloud. This type of cloud is not only effective in handling additional workload at times but also most advantageous during foreseen outages such as blackouts, scheduled maintenances, and other natural calamity warnings.


Cloud Computing Based on Services

Let talk in brief about the cloud based computing services:-


  1. IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)

IaaS is cloud computing that is used to access computing power and storage space over the internet. IaaS allows you to hire any type of IT infrastructures such as OS, networks, storage, virtual machines and much more on the payment basis.


  1. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

SaaS is a cloud-based application that is used for web-based applications and is operated by the third-party vendor. This can be accessed through the web browser.


  1. PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)

PaaS is a cloud-based application that offers technical resources to developers that help them create and host web applications. It gives them development tools quickly over the internet connection without worrying about the database, network, storage and management of servers etc.


So, this was a brief note on Cloud Computing. Hope you have a better understanding of the definition, types and services. Write to us in the comments section below for any queries or thoughts and we will be sure to respond!


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