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What is the Difference Between Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing

For many people, Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing are the synonyms. Most individuals are not aware of the difference between them. While both of them use remote computing ability based on cloud computing technology, they work in a different way. Let us understand these two terms better.

Cloud Storage

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the cloud storage is that sharing business files or videos on multiple devices. Well, this is one of the many uses of cloud storage where we use the hard drive to store data over the internet.

In cloud storage, data is uploaded to the storage drive of a remote server using a secure internet connection. Whether Google drive or iCloud, Dropbox or Box, these are all examples of Cloud Storage. After your data is stored on the remote server, you can access it from multiple devices that are connected to the internet.

Every business uses this cloud storage capability to share files and data from remote locations. Nowadays, many individuals also use cloud sharing to save their personal documents and media files, so that they can access them anywhere, anytime.

Cloud storage is one of the best solutions for disaster recovery. Besides, it is more affordable and flexible as compared to conventional hard drive storage management.

There are several key components of cloud management and these are given below in details:

  1. Dedicated Servers

Server Management is the most critical requirement of Cloud Storage. These servers both receive data and provide the required information via the internet.  Most of these servers are high-end and are managed by big players such as Apple, Google, and Amazon.

  1. Large Hard Drives

The hard drives used in cloud storage must have cutting-edge technology to manage data along with enormous space so store humongous data. Millions of people might use these storage spaces at the same time. Hence the capability of the hard drive to store data should be significant.

  1. Wide Usage

Since Cloud Storage is in great demand, companies like Google and Apple give free storage spaces to their clients and make them available to thousands or millions of people for free. While Google provides Google Drive to its clients to save their data, Apple gives them free storage space through iCloud that comes with Apple iOS. Although for higher tiers of storage, there are extra charges applicable.

  1. Syncing

Syncing is one of the most crucial capabilities of Cloud Storage. It allows data to update on various connected devices in real time. This involves collaborating with colleagues in real time and updating music files on personal devices.


Cloud Computing

As the name suggests, Cloud Computing concentrates on performing various digital functions on the data. In Cloud Computing, other than using the storage space, processing is also used to perform a task. Cloud Computing is more popular feature amongst businesses than personal uses.

Data is sent to a remote location via internet, computing or processing is done on the data and processed data is then sent back to the user in the form of result.

Cloud Computing offers a cost-effective solution to businesses where they can shift most of their applications and at times, the entire desktops for computing rather than depending upon the individual machines for computing. Cloud based computing services has eased the workload of businesses to a great extent.

Features of Cloud Computing

  1. Extensive Servers

Just like Cloud Storage, Cloud Computing also needs larger spaces on servers and world-class server management. For example, while Amazon offers Cloud Computing facilities to many small businesses, on the other hand, many other large firms may depend upon either specialized Cloud Computing servers or hosting providers. Cloud based computing services has enabled the businesses to expand their business to a great extent.

  1. Virtualization of Processes

Virtualization is the capability to create “Virtual Space” on the servers for desktops, software installations as well as data management etc. These are the processes where software controls the hardware devices from a distant location.

  1. Processing Capabilities

While Cloud Storage is all about storage space on the server, Cloud Computing focuses on the processing capability of the specialized servers. The processors used in Cloud Computing should be powerful and robust to perform smooth processing of the multiple applications in real time.

  1. Server Specialization

Cloud Computing is more about the business needs of a company rather than just the larger storage spaces and disaster recovery. Cloud Computing offers unique solutions to businesses based on the demands of their specific sectors such as marketing, data entry and processing and many more.


On one hand, Cloud Storage is mainly about the storage of data and data backup on the offshore site and can be used equally on personal and professional fronts, Cloud Computing, on the other side, focus more on businesses for their data processing and application running.



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