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Essential WordPress plugins to increase the quality of your website

You can unlock new potential for your WordPress website by enhancing its speed, performance, and usability. And, you can accomplish this task by using WordPress plugins. But, there are lots of plugins that are available out there in the digital market, so which one you should use? In this post, you will find a list of some essential plugins for WP websites that help to increase the quality of websites.

Since, there are plenty of different plugins available in the market, it may be difficult to find plugins which fulfill your requirements. But, to make it easy for you, we have enlisted some must-have WP plugins which extend a website’s functionality. They are as follows:

Page builders

If you want to create unique website, page builder is your way. They provide complete control over your WP website, and you can create custom designs, change the page layouts, arrange appearance as per your specifications. Beaver Builder is one of the best page builders with drag and drop feature. Using this builder, you can easily customize every aspect of your website or post.

Contact form plugins

An “About Us” and a “Contact Us” page on a website are very important because through these pages, your customers, regular visitors, and potential clients can know about your company as well as contact you. The contact form found on ‘Contact Us’ page is the means to contact your company, it should be stylish and user-friendly to allow your customers contact you smoothly. Choose plugins like Ninja Forms to create excellent contact forms.

Lead generation plugins

Generating leads is the aim of almost every company and business and this is what they work for. Whether you want to increase your social followers, grow your email list, or connect with potential clients, this can be easily done with a successful lead generation plugin. There are many lead generation tools like Thrive Leads that help achieve this objective effectively.

Social sharing add-ons

By adding social media buttons on your website, you can increase your social media followers as well as extend your content to wider audiences. This is a useful way to get in touch with your targeted audience. There are many social sharing plugins like Revive Old Post, Social Metrics Tracker, etc. from which you can choose one for your website.

Website speed add-ons

No one wants to open a website which takes a lot of time to load. Hence, if your visitors have to wait for posts, pages, images, and other content to load, they will not stick around your website for long. Therefore, you need to make a strategy to ensure that your website loads faster. Slow speed of a website affects its performance which eventually degrades user-experience. Plugins like W3 Total Caching enhance the speed of the website and improve its performance.

Security plugins

Website security is of utmost importance for every website owner to consider as no one would like to have a website filled with viruses. By using security WordPress plugins like Wordfence Security, Sucuri Security, etc. owners can ensure safety of their website from malicious contents.

Optimization plugins

By using SEO optimization plugin like Yoast SEO allows you to make your website optimized for search engines. These WordPress plugins help extending the functionality of your website as well as optimize for search engines.

Related posts add-on

Related posts plugin displays posts content which is related to the one that is read by a visitor. This way, you can provide your visitors with more relevant content that they may like to read.

Backup WordPress plugins

A security plugin ensures the safety of your website from viruses and hacking. But, if your website is still hacked, you can restore it from the backup. This is possible with back up add-on such as Updraft Plus, this allows you to backup your website easily.


WordPress plugins help in extending the functionality of your WP website which it may not provide initially. Although there are tons of add-ons that provide different benefits and features, but some plugins are so important that you need to install them for smooth functioning of your website. In this post, we have discussed about the WP add-ons which are essential for a website, you can use them in your site to enhance its abilities.

The post has been penned by Jean Turner who is a senior plugin developer with theem’on, a fast growing WordPress Themes and plugins development company. Apart from creating great WordPress products, Jean also has a flair for writing informative blogs relating to the development and marketing of these premium WordPress themes, templates and plugins.


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