Giving Microsoft Dynamics AX the Cloud-First Edge

Last year Microsoft released the new Microsoft Dynamics AX, the ERP software, with one powerful tweak — they made it cloud-first. Some would say that this was a natural progression. After all, cloud tech was bound to be integrated at some point within the ERP and customers were already using Dynamics on their cloud. But making Dynamics cloud-first still gives Microsoft added teeth in the ERP field.

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How Cloud Hosted Services Help Small Businesses Compete with Larger Companies

When you are starting your own business, there is a big chance that you will be competing against larger and more established companies. In the beginning, the difference in resources can be overwhelming and you would often think, “What did I get myself into?”

However, if you truly believe in your product or service, you cannot afford to go out there with a defeatist mindset. You have to believe that your company can compete against the Goliaths of your industry.

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Business Lessons Startups Can Learn while Watching PawnStars

Pawn Stars really put the History Channel on the map. Who would have thought that a simple Vegas pawn shop would captivate the hearts of millions of people around the world? The combination of interesting pieces and the ensuing negotiations really makes for good TV. Now, everyone knows the Harrisons: Rick, the Old Man, Big Hoss, and of course, Chumlee.

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What Jobs are Safe from Automation

As students further their education and look forward to planning their lives and careers, more and more people are growing uncertain when considering which jobs will be around in the future. With automation and software being developed everyday, many industries are facing the reality of a technology takeover.

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Agile Test Automation on SaaS product development

Software as a Service (SaaS) Testing refers to the methodology used to ensure that apps built using the software as a service development, function as designed. The SaaS development process is driven by the needs and demands of a fast moving market of competing software services. The organizations must use agile methods to achieve their primary goal of delivering quality software in a timely manner to an extremely competitive marketplace.

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What Every Millennial Entrepreneur Should Know About Customer Security

Whether you like it or not, millennials are becoming more and more engaged in the business world. Yesterday, these young entrepreneurs could only dream about starting their own businesses while napping on their college desks. Today, most millennials have achieved some sort of financial independence, having worked or started working in someone else’s firm and having the means to start a business of their own. However, that is easier said than done. It’s easy to get carried away by dreams of grandeur and entrepreneurship. The hard part is actually doing the research necessary for properly launching a business without sacrificing any essential aspects, or in this case, customer security. So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight down to business.

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6 Astounding IoT Trends that will Blow Your Mind!!

It has been quite some time since IoT has set its foot on the technology ground. However what is the next wave of innovation to be caught by Internet of Things! Let’s see what is the future of IoT?


Gartner predicts that there will 26 billion smart products will be connected to each other by 2020.

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